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GAF (Global Allied Forces) is an international defense and research organization that deals with incidents regarding monsters and aliens. The main branch seen in Ultraman Z is GAFJ (Global Allied Forces Japan) (地球防衛軍日本支部 Chikyū Bōei-gun Nihon Shibu), the parent organization of STORAGE, which was founded by Director Kuriyama.


Ultraman Z

The GAFJ created 1st Special Airborne and Armored Group (第一特殊空挺機甲群 Dai-Ichi Tokushu Kūtei Kikō-gun), three days after STORAGE was disbanded, and development on Ultroid Zero had started. The previous members of STORAGE had either left for their own paths, or were reassigned to different departments. Individual Tomorrows


STORAGE Headquarters

STORAGE Building.png

The STORAGE Headquarters (ストレイジ本部 Sutoreiji Honbu) is a six-story warehouse-like building. It has an underground garage that houses the mecha that they use. Sevenger is able to be deployed via an elevator shaft and a large hatch on the roof.

Monster Research Center

GAF Monster Research Center.png

The research center of GAFJ is used by scientists to analyze and study monsters. It has a storage facility that was used to contain the remains of monsters such as Genegarg.


Joint Advanced Equipment Research Center (統合先進装備研究所 Tōgō Senshin Sōbi Kenkyūjo), aka. JAERC (統先研 Tōsenken) is a fully armed research facility with a 300 meter underground basement to store items under research purposes. Its members are known to wear yellow hazmat suits. In the event of GAFJ's testing with D4 superweapon, the JAERC members assisted with fitting it into King Joe SC and even conscripted into SAAG upon STORAGE's disbandment.


High-Ranking Staff

Director Kuriyama

Main article: Saburo Kuriyama

Director Kuriyama (栗山クリヤマ長官 Kuriyama Chokan)[1] is the director of GAF Japan and the founder of STORAGE. Despite his strict attitude, he is often thoughtful of the STORAGE operatives and is more concerned with the collateral damage done by the conflict between STORAGE robots and monsters.[2][3] Kuriyama became Celebro's third host, and was used by the alien to mastermind much of the developments that led to the creation of the D4 Ray and Ultroid Zero, with Celebro switching hosts to Yoko when the time had come to enact his Civilisation Self-Destruction Game.

He is portrayed by Hisahiro Ogura (小倉 久寛 Ogura Hisahiro).[2][3]

GAF American Staff.png
Staff from the American branch of GAF. Among them is the Vice President of the organization.

Monster Research Center

Monster Research Center (怪獣研究センター Kaijū Kenkyū Sentā) is a branch of the Global Allied Forces Japan.

Shinya Kaburagi

Main article: Shinya Kaburagi

Shinya Kaburagi (鏑木カブラギ 慎也シンヤ Kaburagi Shin'ya)[4] is a 26-year-old researcher from the Monster Research Center's Biochemistry Research Division (生化学研究部所属 Seikagaku Kenkyū-bu Shozoku). He becomes the unwilling host of the alien parasite Celebro as a corporeal body to operate on Earth and orchestrates monster attacks from behind the scenes.[5][3] At some point of time, Kaburagi's body deteriorated from multiple injuries sustained through Celebro's scheming. As Celebro move on to Captain Asano, the recently freed Kaburagi was scapegoated for all of the parasite alien's crimes on Earth.

Shinya Kaburagi is portrayed by Rihito Noda (野田 理人 Noda Rihito).[5][3]

Yuka Ohta

Main article: Yuka Ohta

Yuka Ohta (大田オオタ 結花ユカ Ōta Yuka) is a 22-year-old former lead scientist in STORAGE. After STORAGE was disbanded, she was transferred into the Monster Research Center as a researcher.

Yuka Ohta is portrayed by Hikari Kuroki (黒木 ひかり Kuroki Hikari).

Police Department Headquarters

Security Department, Police Department Headquarters (警務部警務隊本部保安科 Keimu-bu Keimu-tai Honbu Hoan-ka).

Captain Takeshi Asano episode 21.png
Takeshi Asano (浅野 武 Asano Takeshi) is the captain of the Police Department Headquarters.[6] His name was first seen as the writer of Kaburagi's arrest warrant after the possessed man's countless shady business. He was possessed by Celebro after the alien exited Kaburagi, wanting a new host to possess after the previous one was too injured. At some unknown point, Celebro move on to Director Kuriyama.

Takeshi Asano is portrayed by Yosuke Minokawa (美濃川 陽介 Minokawa Yosuke).


The 1st Special Airborne and Armored Group, also known as SAAG (特機群 Tokki-gun), is the team succeeding STORAGE after its disbandment in order to manage the SAA units.[7] Some of the team members were former STORAGE officers and mechanics resuming their original positions.

Mai Yuki.jpg
Mai Yuki (ユウキ マイ Yūki Mai) is the strategic manager of GAFJ and later on a member of SAAG. She is the leading development officer in the creation of Ultroid Zero and its use of D4 Ray, testifying that to control its power requires the power of Ultraman itself.

She is portrayed by Maya Hayashi (林 摩耶 Hayashi Maya).

Yoko Nakashima

Main article: Yoko Nakashima

Yoko Nakashima (中島ナカシマ 洋子ヨウコ Nakashima Yōko) is a 24-year-old ace pilot from STORAGE. After her performance in Sevenger against Alien Barossa III was evaluated by Mai, she is given her position as the pilot of Ultroid Zero.

Yoko Nakashima is portrayed by Rima Matsuda (松田 リマ Matsuda Rima).

Seiji Shiose.png
Seiji Siose (シオセ セイジ Shiose Seiji) is one of Inaba's former maintenance crew members. He accepted the job in SAAG, wearing the JAERC hazmat suit in place of the STORAGE mechanic uniform. Despite his loyalty to STORAGE, Seiji choose to work under SAAG in order to support his family members, much to his friend Satoshi's chagrin.

Seiji is portrayed by Fuuma Kakuda (角田 楓馬 Kakuda Fūma).[8]

Hiroshi Irizuki.png
Hiroshi Irizuki (イリヅキ ヒロシ Irizuki Hiroshi) is one of Inaba's former maintenance crew members. Like Seiji, Hiroshi took employment under SAAG in order to support his family members despite his loyalty to STORAGE.

He is portrayed by Daichi Takaoka (高岡 大地 Takaoka Daichi).[9][10]

Iwata the pilot.jpg
This unnamed pilot is one of GAFJ's officers who filled in to pilot the King Joe STORAGE Custom after STORAGE's disbandment. As it was his first time using King Joe, he was berated by Yoko due to his inexperience. Though he proved capable of fighting Alien Barossa III, he was forced to bail out of King Joe when Five King used it as a meat shield from Ultraman Z's Zestium Beam.

He is portrayed by Hideyoshi Iwata (岩田 栄慶 Iwata Hideyoshi).


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