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Friends of the Forest (森の友だち Mori no Tomodachi) is the ninth episode of Ultraman Cosmos.


One night, TECCH Thunder 1 went on a chase against a Chaos Header cloud at the Yamawarawa Mountains until it escaped to the moon. The Yokai named Yamawarawa lived in the mountain area and met a boy named Yuichi.

Yuichi reported this to Team EYES members Musashi and Shinobu, but his discovery was dismissed by everyone, including his father (Yasuhiro). Musashi found a kindred spirit in the boy, even as relating his experience to meeting an Ultraman as a little boy. While Yuichi was taken away by his father, Yamawarawa grows into large proportions to chase the little boy, but was forced to flee when TECCH Thunders 1 and 2 open fire on the monster. Yuichi was blown away by the attack and tended by Yamawarawa to somewhere else while his father sought Team EYES’ help to find his son.

Yasuhiro was forced to admit of his previous experience encountering Yamawarawa as a kid. Back then, he met the Yokai after injuring his right leg and the two spent their time at the forest before his father led a group of villagers to find him. Ever since then, he played with Yamawarawa until he was forced to move to Tokyo after he bullied by the villagers for his experience with Yamawarawa being deemed as a fairy tale. Eventually he realized that he pressured Yuichi in the same way as the adults did to him in the past. TECCH Thunder jets spotted Yuichi and attempted to rescue him, but Yamawara grew large to fight against the vehicles.

Musashi was forced to transform into Cosmos to halt the monster’s attack, even to the point of assuming Corona Mode. Yasuhiro showed the Yokai the acorn that he held into as their final parting gift from the past, confirming himself to be the young boy that Yamawarawa used to play with. Yasuhiro apologized as he is now an adult and could no longer play with his old friend like they used to be, forcing Yamawarawa to disappear from the scene.

Yamawarawa continued to wander in his forest, while giving a handful of fruits to the camera as the credit approached its ending.


  • Musashi Haruno (春野ムサシ Haruno Musashi): Taiyo Sugiura (杉浦 太陽 Sugiura Taiyō)
  • Captain Harumitsu Hiura (ヒウラ ハルミツ 隊長 Hiura Harumitsu Taichō): Daisuke Shima (嶋 大輔 Shima Daisuke)
  • Shinobu Mizuki (ミズキ シノブ Shinobu Mizuki): Kaori Sakagami (坂上 香織 Sakagami Kaori)
  • Keisuke Fubukiフブキ ケイスケ (Fubuki Keisuke): Hidekazu Ichinose (市瀬 秀和 Ichinose Hidekazu)
  • Koji Doigaki (ドイガキ コウジ Doigaki Koji): Koichi Sudo (須藤公一 Sudō Kōichi)
  • Ayano Morimoto (モリモト アヤノ Morimoto Ayano): Mayuka Suzuki (鈴木繭菓 Suzuki Mayuka)
  • Ultraman Cosmos (ウルトラマンコスモス Urutoraman Kosumosu (Voice) : Hiroyuki Sato (佐藤浩之 Satō Hiroyuki)

Guest Actors

  • Yūichi Iwata (岩田裕 Iwata Yūichi): Daisuke Kizaki (木崎 大輔 Kizaki Daisuke)
  • Yasuhiro Iwata (岩田 康祐 Iwata Yasuhiro): Tamotsu Ishibashi (石橋 保 Ishibashi Tamotsu)

Suit Actors




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Ultraman Cosmos Volume 3 features episodes 9-12


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