Friend in Earth (地球ほしの友人 Hoshi no Yūjin) is the twenty-first episode of Ultraman Taiga.


Someone new tries to join EGIS, but following Zetton's recent attack, he harbors hatred towards aliens. Kirisaki uses this situation to his advantage, as part of a greater plan to bring calamity to the planet.


Is Hiroyuki having a new colleague? A young man, Osamu Tasaki came to EGIS with a hope to join the team. The members of EGIS felt his passion and decided to hire him, but Hiroyuki and the other members starts to feel a little unsure after seeing his reaction towards aliens. The fact was that Kirisaki was involved... At the same time, Alien Ghosee and Pandon appear. How do Hiroyuki and Tasaki deal with this?

Tri-Squad VoiceDrama


Wind and Flowers - Part 1 (風と花 前編 Kaze to Hana Zenpen)

Fuma tells the others about an adventure he once had, where he encountered someone who inspired him to call himself the Champion of Wind.


Voice Actors

Guest Cast

  • Osamu Tasaki (田崎修 Tasaki Osamu): Masashi Azuma (東将司 Azuma Masashi)
  • Asuka Tasaki (田崎 明日香 Tasaki Asuka): Yumi Okuda (奥田 由美 Okuda Yumi)

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