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Friend (ともだち Tomodachi) is the forty-second episode of Ultraman Cosmos.


Middle school student Shunji Horimura (14 years old) is known for his participation in the science club and had won a robot contest once. Despite multiple offers from the rocket club, he turned it down due to his inability befriend others and prefer chatting with his old friend Kazuhiro in the internet.

A meteor was reported on its route to the solar system, but Doigaki assured that it would miss Earth within 3 days. Out of the sudden, communication systems in Treasure Base was interrupted but restored moments later, though transmissions from outer space would require at least 5 days to do so. However, Shunji's video communication with Kazuhiro was replaced with distorted messages from Sol of the Putiwhal. A photograph of a monster was captured by SRC prior to the commotion earlier.

Rejecting another offer of friendship from Yoko, Shunji returns home to find that his computer is still linked to Sol. Sol revealed that he is an alien from an uncharted small star (a satellite) Putiwhal and remained there ever since his father was killed by an originally docile-turned-hostile monster, Delgoran. Like the mid-schooler, Sol's constant traveling with his father caused him to have no other friends than the very monster they chased for. Shunji sent this recording to Team EYES as well and this lead Musashi to take on the case due to its similarity with Chaos Header.

While TECCH Booster blasted off to space, Musashi was able to contact Sol with Shunji's computer, and further understands that the boy only wanted his friend to be rescued, seeing vengeance as an unnecessary option now that his father is gone. To Doigaki's surprise, Delgoran teleported from Mars' orbit and instant to Sol's neighboring area. As Cosmos, Musashi managed to confirm his suspicion on Chaos' influence and used Eclipse Mode to exorcise the light virus. Delgoran was reverted to its old self and left with the meteor that passed Earth's orbit.

"Shunji. Thank you. I'll be waiting for you, forever. Goodbye Shun... Goo... bye... goodbye, Shun."


However, it also means that communications with Sol will be permanently severed. In their last moments, Sol reveal his true form and the two promised each others to reunite in the future. Going out to where the rocket club is, Shunji made his first step of befriending others by accepting their offer to join the club.


  • Musashi Haruno (春野ムサシ Haruno Musashi): Taiyo Sugiura (杉浦 太陽 Sugiura Taiyō)
  • Captain Harumitsu Hiura (ヒウラ ハルミツ 隊長 Hiura Harumitsu Taichō): Daisuke Shima (嶋 大輔 Shima Daisuke)
  • Shinobu Mizuki (ミズキ シノブ Shinobu Mizuki): Kaori Sakagami (坂上 香織 Sakagami Kaori)
  • Keisuke Fubukiフブキ ケイスケ (Fubuki Keisuke): Hidekazu Ichinose (市瀬 秀和 Ichinose Hidekazu)
  • Koji Doigaki (ドイガキ コウジ Doigaki Koji): Koichi Sudo (須藤公一 Sudō Kōichi)
  • Ayano Morimoto (モリモト アヤノ Morimoto Ayano): Mayuka Suzuki (鈴木繭菓 Suzuki Mayuka)

Guest Actors

  • Shunji Horimura (堀村 俊司 Horimura Shunji): Hisao Takahashi (高橋 寿緒 Takahashi Hisao)




Home Media


  • Ultraman Cosmos Volume 11 features episodes 41-44.
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