Fresh Blood of Hell (鮮血のヘル Senketsu no Heru) is one of the villians who appeared in the tokutatsu wrestling series, Pro-Wres no Hoshi Azteckaiser.


Pro-Wres no Hoshi Azteckaiser

Anime Hell Fresh Blood

Anime Fresh Blood

The dangerous man known as Fresh Blood of Hell first appeared as Satan Demon challenged a pro Japanese wrestler, Ricky, to fight Fresh Blood of Hell. Blood of Hell beat Ricky extremely hard until Ricky injured his arm, then Satan Demon uses supernatural powers to give Blood of Hell brass knuckles! This puts Ricky in the hospital, with makes Satan Demon and Blood of Hell to retreat.

Later in the episode, Joe Kanzaki is angry after the news of Ricky's injuries and challenges to fight the evil man for the sake of wrestling. Kanzaki leads the first round until Satan Demon used his special powers to upgrade Blood of Hell to kill Kanzaki! Then as Blood of Hell is about to stab Kanzaki, Azteckaiser arrives from the area to save Kanzaki. Azteckaiser is noticed by Satan Demon and upgrades Blood of Hell once again only for Azteckaiser to take a beating on him. The arena goes into a anime as we see Azteckaiser finally defeat the evil Fresh Blood of Hell, only for this to be one of many of Satan Demon's minions.

Powers and Weapons

  • Sword: Fresh Blood of Hell is equipped with a deadly sword.
  • Strength: Being a cyborg wrestler, Fresh Blood of Hell naturally was a super strong fighter.
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