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Foreign Body (異なもの Ina mono) is a body of collection of ghosts that appeared in episode 25 of the horror drama Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy.

Subtitle: None


Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy

It is like a body of collection of ghosts, surrounded the film crews in the ruins. After attaching to a staff member, there was a phenomenon of murder, which eventually killed the director of the television station who tarnished its territory. The female staff that it possessed also disappeared.


  • The painting that symbolizes the ghost borrows the work of Yamamoto. The avatar sculpture is a replica of Yamamoto's work, and the design of placing of various objects is referenced to Yamamoto's studio.
  • The screenwriter Chiaki Konaka visited the Director Jissoji during the student era. At that time, Jissoji was shooting the TV series "Nami no Bon". At that time, the scene of the filming gave Konaka inspiration to write this episode. In the preparation draft, the setting was the coverage of female college student disappearance case, and there was no direct depiction of paranormal phenomena.


  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Origin: Unknown
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