For the New World (新しき世界のために Atarashiki Sekai no Tame ni) is the eighteenth episode of Ultraman Taiga.


Homare runs into an alien having trouble. He decides to get personal, but things turn out ugly when he discovers his new acquaintance's true desires.


In the city at night, Fuma first fought the Space Monster, Bemular, but switched places with Titas later on. After a short fight, Titas used his Astro Beam to destroy Bemular while Alien Hook watched their battle.

On "Shinonome-no-Me", Shinonome breaks the news about Fuma battling Bemular, watched by Hiroyuki, Pirika, and Kana that he tries to find Homare. He eats taiyaki that he saw a gang beating a man. But he throws taiyaki away that he fights against them before remembering and leaving. Homare meets the man, Seiji Komori, from Alien Bat, who helped out. Going back to his house, Komori places a beer on a tabe so they drink it. Hiroyuki goes to the car that Taiga tells him that be on the lookout for Tregear. Hitomi Mizuno, from Alien Pitt, comes to Komori's house that she meets Homare for the first time before she left. At night, Komori gives a gift to Homare before he left.

The hext day, he's done working that he goes back home but Hiroyuki and Pirika continue working. Homare meets Hitomi for the second time that he just gonna head over but she left. Back at Komori's house, he communicates Hook about their plans to overthrow the humans. The alien's speech was cut short as Homare came in, surprising Seiji as he shut off the TV. Homare tells that he will answer the question that he is lying, so, Komori temporarily knocks out Homare that he died. Hiroyuki finds his friend that tracks Homare's phone alongside Pirika. Homare wakes up that he meets Hitomi for the third time. She tells a flashback: Komori lived among humans in a quiet community with her. At some point, they were approached by Kirisaki, who gave Komori a device that can summon the dinosaur. Before she leaves, she turned back into the alien form. As Hiroyuki goes inside Komori's house, Homare tells him that needs Hiroyuki's help to search Komori. Outside, they searches Komori that he unleashes the Space Dinosaur, Zetton. After a brief exchange of words with Homare and Hiroyuki, they fight after Komori fails to convince him to join his side against the humans. He binds Hiroyuki and commands Zetton to destroy him with a fireball, but he is saved by the light of Taiga.

Homare beats Komori, who had resorted to transforming. He is spared when Hitomi arrives. Taiga battled Zetton and was initially overpowered by it. His attacks did little, until he fused to Tri-Strium and sliced Zetton in half with the Fuma Raging Fire Slash. Homare visits the couple once more. They are revealed to be resuming their peaceful way of life. After Hiroyuki and Homare went to Komori's house one last time, he met her for the last time that Komori's really okay before they leave. Before they go to the car, Homare got shot by Kirisaki using a finger and licking a lollipop. He tells Hiroyuki that he'll soon become enslaved to the sweet taste just as the host is before Kirisaki left, much to Hiroyuki frustrated.

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Fierce Battle On the Golden Planet - Part 2 (黄金の惑星の激闘 中編 Kogane no Wakusei no Gekitō Chūhen)

Titas tells the others about one of his adventure on a golden planet.


Voice Actors

Guest Cast

  • Seiji Komori (小森セイジ Komori Seiji): Masanori Mimoto (三元雅芸 Mimoto Masanori)
  • Hitomi Mizuno (水野ヒトミ Mizuno Hitomi): Seiko Iwaido (岩井堂聖子 Iwaidō Seiko)

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