For the New World (新しき世界のために Atarashiki Sekai no Tame ni) is the eighteenth episode of Ultraman Taiga.


Homare runs into an alien having trouble. He decides to get personal, but things turn out ugly when he discovers his new acquaintance's true desires.


Homare meets a man named Seiji Komori in the streets. He is also one of the aliens who lives quietly on Earth. While Homare and Seiji seems to have a very nice relationship, Seiji is secretly planning a horrible scheme. When the scheme is initiated, Zetton the Space Dinosaur appears! What is Komori's motivation? Will Homare and Hiroyuki be able to stop him!?

Tri-Squad VoiceDrama


Fierce Battle On the Golden Planet - Part 2 (黄金の惑星の激闘 中編 Kogane no Wakusei no Gekitō Chūhen)

Titas tells the others about one of his adventure on a golden planet.


Voice Actors

Guest Cast

  • Seiji Komori (小森セイジ Komori Seiji): Masanori Mimoto (三元雅芸 Mimoto Masanori)
  • Hitomi Mizuno (水野ヒトミ Mizuno Hitomi): Seiko Iwaido (岩井堂聖子 Iwaidō Seiko)

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