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Fohgus (フォーガス Fōgasu) is a Kaiju that first appeared in episode 6 of Ultraman Dyna.

Subtitle: Mycelia Monster (菌糸怪獣 Kinshi Kaijū)



Fohgus is a term in British English that means "Poisonous Mushroom".


Ultraman Dyna

An abnormally evolved specimen of a family of mushroom, the specimen, termed Fohgus, evolved the capability of giving itself human forms, intelligence, and more. The creature waited until time was right and smashed its vines out from under the city of Koizumi and controlled the entire city via the tapping of the internet. Super GUTS immediately took notice and sent the GUTS Eagle with a crew of Asuka, Ryo, Kariya, and Nakajima to investigate the giant mushroom. After Asuka descended, he noticed a human shape in the crowd of buildings under the mushroom; that being Fohgus' kaijin interface. Fohgus quickly knocked the human out and dragged him to a building overcrowded with foul air and fungi. Fohgus then explained that "The city you are standing on right now; it is me!"

Fohgus tried to convince Asuka to stop siding with humanity, and their evolution had reached its end. He then tried to ask Asuka to join him but Asuka rejected him. Fohgus then threatened to use the internet to force the TPC Europe base to launch its nuclear torpedoes at the TPC Japan headquarters, destroying it as a warning to humans. Then, Fohgus planned to eliminate the human race and keep the Earth to himself. Asuka, being infuriated, attacked the kaijin, only for Fohgus to vanish and carry out its plans. The giant mushroom then struck down the GUTS Eagle Beta, and the nuclear torpedoes have been launched. However, Koda, while in the Clarkov NF-3000, destroyed two of the torpedoes and Ryo destroyed the third in the GUTS Eagle Gamma. As Asuka pursued Forgas out to the city, Fohgus stated that he will destroy Ultraman Dyna before destroying humanity as he transformed into his monster state. Dyna appeared onto the scene and quickly destroyed the monster. However, a second form behind the giant's back and wrapped him around the neck with its tentacles. Dyna struggled as more formed behind his back. Finally, Dyna managed to destroy the tentacles and changed into Miracle Type, whom then fled the scene to the air, and from a high vantage point, saw the true body of Fohgus using Miracle Type's vision. He then attacked with the Revolium Wave and destroyed the giant mushroom and its monsters. Fohgus, seeing that all is lost, tried to flee into space but was hit by the Solgent Beam and destroyed. The Land's Ultimate Monster

Frogas II.jpg

Fohgus reappeared as a member of the Phantom Monster Army. Fohgus had a very minor role, which is scaring a man (who dislikes eating fungi) into a coma. The Power of Thinking of You


  • The Kaijin interface of Fohgus uses a modified Alien Muzan suit.
  • Voice actor: Junko Kawashima
  • Suit actors:
    • Kaijin interface: Hiroshi Ishii
    • Battle Mode: Koji Mimura


Fohgus (Giant Mushroom)
Forgas Mushroom.jpg
  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Origin: Tokyo suburbs, underground Koizumi
Powers and Weapons
  • Growth: Fohgus is able to grow itself to the size of a city, in the form of a giant mushroom.
  • Escape: Fohgus' main cell can escape if his giant mushroom is destroyed.
  • Intelligence: Fohgus is incredibly smart, having a brain size streching 10 kilometers.
  • Kaijin Interface: Fohgus can create an interface of himself, while donning a tuxedo. Fohgus can also exit the disguise as a vine through the right pant leg.
  • Technology Control: Fohgus can easily tap into the internet and control technologies, making all weapons useless.
  • Monster Creation: Fohgus can create monsters all around him, as he is as big as the city.

Fohgus (Kaijin interface)
Frogas human.jpg
  • Height: 1.85 m
  • Weight: 60 kg
  • Origin: Forgas
Powers and Weapons
  • Vine: Fohgus, appearing in its kaijin interface, can control vines that are capable of grabbing.
  • Transformation: Fohgus' Kaijin Interface can become a monster by shooting a green energy beam, then vines from his chest.

Fohgus (Battle Mode)
Forgas Battle.png

Fohgus (Battle Mode) (フォーガス(バトルモード) Fōgasu (Batoru Mōdo))

  • Height: 56 m
  • Weight: 42,000 t
  • Origin: Forgas
Powers and Weapons
  • Tentacles: Fohgus monsters can whip or ensnarl enemies with their tentacles.


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