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Fight! Mighty Jack (戦え!マイティジャック, Tatakae! Maiti Jakku) is the more comical sequel series to Mighty Jack. It aired on the same network the following week, from July 6 to December 28, 1968 with a total of 26 half-hour episodes, equaling the original in length.


After the broadcast of Mighty Jack, as the second season in its series and considering factors such as low viewership, the series underwent a reconstruction to become a 30-minute special effects television drama aimed at children. Using a new budget, the series underwent a reconfiguration of its storyline. To compensate for the reduced airtime resulting from the shift from a one-hour program to a 30-minute format, the new season was required to extend its broadcasting period. Following negotiations with Tsuburaya Productions and Fuji Television, the decision was made to fully air the remaining 13 episodes.

The fundamental settings of the series, such as Mighty Jack and the antagonistic organization "Q", remained consistent with the previous installment. However, the identity of the Mighty Jack team transitioned from being a "volunteer professional team supported by international funds" to a subsidiary organization of the public international institution "Apple". The regular team members were reduced from 11 to 5, resulting in significant changes to the cast. Simultaneously, the series did at first retain the style from the original spy action genre but after the halfway point in the series, it changed to a format where Kaiju appear in each episode.



  • Ippei Amada
  • Akira Genda
  • Susumu Imai
  • Kisuke Ogawa
  • Nami Emura
  • Ichiro Funaki
  • Mitsuo Kataoka



  • Ippei Amada (天田 一平, Amada Ippei): Hiroshi Minami (南 廣, Minami Hiroshi)
  • Akira Genda (源田 明, Genda Akira): Masanari Nihei (二瓶 正也, Nihei Masanari)
  • Susumu Imai (今井 進, Imai Susumu): Akira Yamaguchi (山口 暁, Yamaguchi Akira)
  • Kisuke Ogawa (小川 喜助, Ogawa Kisuke): Kenji Nagisa (渚 健二, Nagisa Kenji)
  • Nami Emura (江村 奈美, Emura Nami): Nami Emura (江村 奈美, Emura Nami)
  • Ichiro Funaki (船木 一郎, Funaki Ichirō): Mitsuo Kataoka (片岡 光雄, Kataoka Mitsuo)
  • Mitsuo Shimizu (清水 光夫, Shimizu Mitsuo): Nobuyoshi Terao (寺尾 信義, Terao Nobuyoshi)
  • General Fujii (ゼネラル 藤井, Zeneraru Fujii): Junya Usami (宇佐美 淳也, Usami Jun'ya)



Opening Theme
  • Mighty Jack no Uta (マイティジャックの歌, Maiti Jakku no Uta, lit. "Song of Mighty Jack")

Home Media[]

Fight! Mighty Jack was previously released on VHS and LaserDisc. A remaster of the series released on DVD across 6 volumes as part of the "Digital Ultra Series" series on March 24 and April 21, 2006.[1][2] On May 21, 2013, Toei Video released a complete DVD box set of the series, which also comes commercials, a recorded interview, and audio commentaries.[3][4]



  • The opening scene of the series (with a reverse paint-swirling effect forming "MJ" before a burst of red envelops the scene, with a yellow "Fight! Mighty Jack" superimposed) is almost exactly like that of the original Ultraman.
  • One episode of this series is quite notable, as it features a comical guest appearance by Kohji Moritsugu, who played Dan Moroboshi, the alter-ego of Ultraseven, and referenced his popular role. He plays a mechanic, who, in one scene, looked as though he was about to transform into Ultraseven by pulling the Ultra Eye from his pocket to put it on, but the red object he slowly pulls from his pocket is actually a small wrench with which he gets right to work on fixing a machine.


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