Father Burai is the Another Genesis version of Father of Ultra.


After Belial's escape and the destruction of the the Kingdom of Light Burai was left devastated by the death of his wife and son. Seeking vengeance against Belial, he formed the Burai Pirates to find and destroy him as well as rebuild his destroyed home world. During those years Burai's heart went dark, filled with feelings of despair, anger and vengeance.

After many long years of not finding Belial, he encountered Blast near Planet King. Burai noted the shard of the Kingdom of Light in his chest. As he eyed it he was assaulted by a blast of fire by Glenfire, who knew his intentions of killing Blast to get the shard. Burai spared the two only because Glen revealed that his son Taro was in fact still alive.

Techniques and Weapons

  • Ultra Power: it is unknown how powerful he is, but Glenfire's Ultra Dynamite did little to harm him. It is also implied that Blast and Glenfire together could not hope to defeat him. It should be noted that he was confident in his belief that he could destroy Belial.
    • Strength: Even with his injuries, he was implied to be powerful enough to take on Glenfire and Blast and most likely win.
    • Durability: He withstood the Ultra Dynamite with little impunity. He also survived the destruction of his world while others perished.
    • Outer Space Adaption: He can survive in space without any assistance.
    • Flight: He can fly through space on his own.
  • Hook: Father Burai possess a hook on his right arm.



  • While his son is a member of the Kin of the King, Burai himself does not appear to have any blood relation to King though it is possible that his late wife did.
  • Father's great desire for revenge stems from the fact that he and Belial where once friends.
    • However, similar to the Kin of the King members, he also bears a zodiac motif which is Taurus.
  • Burai's injuries, his missing hand and broken horn are from the destruction of the Kingdom of Light.
  • His design is similar to Davy Jones from the film series of the Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • His team, called the Burai Pirates, is the Another Genesis counterpart to the Pirates of Flames.
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