Farewell, Icarus (さよならイカロス Sayonara Ikarosu) is the fifth episode of Ultraman R/B.


A young girl named Yuuha Ninomiya has a burning desire to fly in the sky, but the wings that she developed at her university only continue to fail her. Despite her failures, Isami will come to her aid and help her with her wings! Just at that moment, another kaiju, Gue-Basser appears in the city! Isami will gain the courage and the strength to fight alongside his newfound wind! Go for it, Isami! Ultraman Blu!



R/B Crystal Navi

  • Katsumi & Isami: R/B Crystal Navi!
  • Isami: We are going to be studying R/B Crystals now Katsumi!
  • Katsumi: Yeah. Today's this!
  • R/B Gyro: Ultraman Tiga!
  • Isami: Ultraman Tiga has a form called Sky Type that specializes in high speed combat. The Tiga Crystal is reminiscent of Sky Type. The power of wind inhabits it.
  • Katsumi & Isami: Be sure to watch next time!


Guest Cast

  • Yuha Ninomiya (二宮 ユウハ Ninomiya Yūha): Kanoko Sudo (須藤叶希 Sudō Kanoko)

Suit Actors

  • Ultraman Rosso: Hideyoshi Iwata
  • Ultraman Blu: Akira Okabe
  • Gue-Basser: Shinnosuke Ishikawa




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