Fanegon People (ファネゴン人 Fanegon Jin) are aliens that first appeared in Ultra Zero Fight.

Subtitle: None

  • Height: 2 m
  • Weight: 100 kg
  • Origin: Planet Fanegon


Ultra Zero Fight

Many Fanegon People are seen in the second season of Ultra Zero Fight. They are shown running on their desert planet from King Silvergon's attack. Fortunately Ultraman Zero arrived in his Strong-Corona Zero form to protect them. Throwing the beast into the air, he transformed into Luna-Miracle Zero and used the Luna Wave to tamed King Silvergon and bring it back down safely. Afterwards the natives of Planet Fanegoon watched as King Silvergon left their world and cheered knowing that the monster would not attack them again.


  • The Fanegon costumes are created by a combination of: the Kanegon costume, the head of Alien Fanton, the hands and feet of the Pigmon costume, and their hood comes from the robe that Ultraman Zero wore in the first act of Ultra Zero Fight.
    • Their name is a combination of Alien Fanton and Kanegon.
  • The suit would later be used in many stage shows.


Powers and Weapons
  • None demonstrated


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