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Falmagon (ファルマガン Farumagan) was a Kaiju introduced in episode 10 of Neo Ultra Q.

Subtitle: Apprentice Monster (見習い怪獣 Minarai Kaijū)


Neo Ultra Q

After Michiru falls off her wheelchair, Falmagon helps her get back onto it and tries to fix the broken charm that her crush gave her. After failing to do so, Michiru promises that if Falmagon one day fixes her charm, she will make him a Honey Lemon as a reward. Falmagon proceeds to practice his powers in order to help out as soon as possible. After Michiru finally realises that she will never walk again, she breaks down in front of Falmagon yelling at him to leave her alone but Falmagon complements her by saying that her smile is cute and uses his power to restore Michiru's legs, giving up his own life in the process. The next day, Michiru tries to find him, only to breakdown again after finding out that he gave his own life for her, but is quickly told that she has a bright future ahead of her and that she should do her best to not make Falmagon sad.


  • Despite looking like garbage, Falmagon is also based on plants.


  • Height: 1.8 m
  • Weight: 60 kg
Powers and Weapons
  • Reconstruction: Falmagon can reconstruct objects such as food as long as all the pieces are near him.


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