Falling Stars Spell Trouble, known in Japan as Powered Assassination Plan (パワード暗殺計画 Pawādo Ansatsu Keikaku), is the twelfth episode of Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero.


The Baltan ship, thought to have been driven off in episode 1, returns and launches three more pods to Earth. This time, however, the Baltans have decided to completely obliterate WINR and Ultraman Powered by sending a regenerated Red King and the bladed monster Dorako to do their dirty work for them. WINR succeeds in eliminating Red King but it had little trouble with the monster, slitting his throat and killing him instantly losing a few Hawks, and Powered is forced to face Dorako alone. Powered succeeds in destroying the vicious beast but is severely injured in the fight and is forced to transform back to Kai while still in his weakened condition. Also, unbeknownst to Powered or the WINR team, just before Dorako was destroyed, it transmitted a signal back to the Baltan ship. A signal which awakens something even worse...



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