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Falcon (はやぶさ Hayabusa) is the result of Tsuburaya being hired to create commercials featuring no Ultraman related characters. She was created for the Hayabusa Vaccum company.


Constant attacks by the evil filth monster, Gomira, forced an everyday housewife to become the winged heroine, Falcon! Using her massive vacuum, she constantly thwarted Gomira's plans and always got away clean.



  • Height: 1.8 ~ 50 m
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Origin: Unknown

Powers and Weapons

  • Human Form: Falcon can transform into a human disguise.
  • Flight: Falcon, using her angelic wings on her back, can fly at high speeds.
  • Vaccum: Using her left arm and turning it into a vacuum, Falcon can suck up anything of any size.



  • Falcon's head greatly resembles that of Mirrorman.
  • Her suit is the first to use 'rib ridges'. Another hero who shares this feature is Fireman.
  • She has wings and is the only Ultra-like hero to have them until Andro Floru.
    • What makes this more unique is that her wings are seemingly organic.
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