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Fake Ultraman Dyna

Fake Ultraman Dyna is an evil copy of Ultraman Dyna that appeared in the 2012 stage show, "Ultraseven! Up to the end of the galaxy!".


Fake Ultraman Dyna is an evil copy of Ultraman Dyna that was created by Alien Pitt. In the stage show, Fake Dyna replaced the real Dyna after he was killed by an enemy monster. Fake Dyna was eventually defeated through the combined power of Ultraseven and his son Ultraman Zero. After this the real Dyna was revived for the final act of the show.



  • Unlike the fake Ultraman Dyna created by Gregorl-Man, this fake Ultraman Dyna's suit is almost exactly the same as the real Ultraman Dyna's.
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