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The Eye Slugger (アイスラッガー Ai Suraggā) is Ultraseven's signature weapon, being described as a Space Boomerang (宇宙ブーメラン Uchū Būmeran). The crest on Ultraseven's head that can be detached and used as a projectile or melee weapon. It is Seven's most well-known weapon, and possibly the most famous of all Ultra items, as well as being one of the most iconic and inspiring items to come from the Ultraman Series, being the base of most, if not all other Sluggers that came after it.



The name "Eye Slugger" was coined during the early pre-production on the series, which was going to be called "Ultra Eye", hence "Eye Slugger." When the title of the series was changed to Ultraseven, the name of the weapon remained "Eye Slugger"—according to official Tsuburaya Productions production notes, published in Kodansha Official File Magazine Ultraman Vol. 4 & 5: "Ultraseven" (2005).


Eye Slugger mounted.png

When not in use, Seven mounts the Eye Slugger on his head as a crest. The Eye Slugger can be used as a projectile weapon or as a close range combat weapon, and is cable of cutting through immensely dense objects. Seven can also direct energy into the Eye Slugger as to make its impact more powerful as well as splitting into multiple Eye Sluggers to deal more damage to an opponent.


  • Ultra Knock Tactics (ウルトラノック戦法 Urutora Nokku Senpō): Ultraseven can direct energy into the Eye Slugger before firing the weapon towards enemies. It has a combustible effect and can destroy enemies in one hit.
  • Illusionic Slugger (イリュージョニック・スラッガー Iryūjonikku Suraggā): When a blue variant of the Ultra Superior is fired at the Eye Slugger, it can can multiply into many copies.



Seven's Eye Slugger at the conclusion of his battle with King Joe in Heisei Ultraseven, displaying the damage it sustained from prolonged use

  • It has been incorrectly referred to as an "Ice Lugger" by various sources.
  • In the Heisei Ultraseven series, Seven's Eye Slugger was broken on the top at the end of an episode. This was because he repeatedly struck King Joe's hard Pedanium body in the same spot until the robot was defeated by his Ultra Knock Tactics technique.
    • However, in the next episode, it appeared back to normal.

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