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Evoltruster (エボルトラスター Eborutorasutā) is the transformation device of all Ultraman Nexus' Dunamists, though it can be used for more than just transformations.


Ultraman Nexus

Upon inheriting the light of Nexus, the Dunamists of Ultraman Nexus will be granted the Evoltruster along with the Blast Shot, they can use the Evoltruster to transform into Ultraman Nexus to fight against the Space Beasts and the Giants of Darkness.

Ultraman X

In episode 20 of the series, Sayuri Tachibana, the deputy captain of Xio temporarily became the sixth Dunamist and thus gained the Evoltruster which allows her to transform into Ultraman Nexus to save her family from Bemular and later assisting Ultraman X in the battle with Bugbuzun.


Several chosen ones have transformed into Nexus but all used the same actions to do so. The Dunamist first draws the Evoltruster from its sheath and then extends it into the air and it glows. From an outsider's point of view the Dunamist disappears into the light which may disappear to show Ultraman, grow larger and reveal Ultraman as a giant, or become a Travel Sphere. The rise scene showed is a black screen while there is suddenly a ball of blue light which bursts open revealing Nexus who grows and the light turns into orange and yellow colors that fly towards the screen.


  • Shield: Nexus' human host can raise a shield with the Evoltruster.
  • Astral Projection: Nexus' human host can project an astral projection of their Ultra form, this projection can create a Meta Field.
  • Meta Field: Nexus' human host can project a Meta Field with the Evoltruster, doing so would cause them to skip Anphans and go directly into their secondary form.
  • Presence Detection: Its most important ability, Nexus himself can sense when Space Beasts go active, telepathically alerting his host. When he detects them the lights on the Evoltruster flash.



  • The Evoltruster is very likely to have been based on the Beta Capsule.
  • It is the first transformation to be paired with a weapon, the Blast Shot.
  • The Evoltruster seems to be Nexus' method of communication to his Dunamists. In one scene Himeya was seen looking at the device and questioning Nexus' intention, the device flashed before showing Himeya an image of a Space Beast attack.
  • The Evoltruster has a dark counterpart, the Darkevolver, while the Evoltruster is based on a sword and scabbard, the Darkevolver had its design based on Naginata, according to the producers.
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