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"This, is my body... *laughs* I am hope, the true "light"!"

―Zabil as Evil Trigger upon transformation.

Evil Trigger (イーヴィルトリガー Īviru Torigā) is an evil Ultra Warrior who debuts in Ultraman Trigger: Episode Z as one of the main antagonists. He is described as "the one who inherits the shadow".[2][3]


As with all the Ultras in Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga, Evil Trigger is based on a character in Ultraman Tiga, in this case, Evil Tiga.[4][5]


According to Figure-Oh 289, Evil Trigger is created through processing of an Ultraman Trigger photograph, first by reversing the position of the black and silver parts to better resemble Evil Tiga. There was also plans to attach more ancient runic into the Evil Trigger design, but at the end, they decided to create the suit by converting a spare Ultraman Trigger suit that was used during attraction events. Since the Multi Type suit has seam lines that separates the coloration purple and red, thorough painting is done to hide the aforementioned seam lines. The Trigger mask is also given black linings around its eyes, based on Evil Tiga, although the ones on the upper eye part are disguised peepholes.


Ultraman Trigger: Episode Z

With cooperation from Celebro, Zabil managed to retrieve Kengo's GUTS Sparklence and GUTS Hyper Keys, hooking it up to the Eternity Core's altar, and then sacrificing the lives of his cultists to create an artificial "light" based on Trigger's data. Using the Ancient Sparklence, Zabil transformed into Evil Trigger, consumed by his desire to become a messianic figure for humanity.

Evil Trigger went on a rampage along with Ultraman Z, who was controlled by Celebro when he parasitised Haruki Natsukawa. To buy time for everybody else, Ignis transformed into Trigger Dark, but was starting to get overwhelmed by the duo. GUTS-Select also attacked using the GUTS Falcon and Nursedessei, but both were taken down by Evil Trigger, forcing them to attack from the ground with whatever artillery they had.

Kengo and Akito broke through the barrier that Zabil set up around the site, reclaiming the GUTS Sparklence and allowing Kengo to transform into Trigger, who managed to free Z from Celebro's control, allowing the three Ultras to gang up on Evil Trigger. Zabil was losing control over the "light" that he gained, tainting it with his darkness, born of his desire to control humanity, and descended into madness. He attempted to absorb more of Trigger's light, but was stopped midway. Celebro then summoned Destrudos to interrupt the battle, giving Evil Trigger an opportunity to beat Trigger. Yuna gave a fragment of the Eternity Core to Trigger at the cost of Yuzare's ring and the entrance to the Core, allowing Trigger to become Glitter Trigger Eternity and turn the tides on both Evil Trigger and Destrudos.

Evil Trigger then grew to giant size and started to destroy everything around him, but was quickly defeated by Trigger, Trigger Dark, and Z, shattering to pieces when he was hit by their combined beam attacks. Ultraman Trigger: Episode Z


Evil Trigger render.png


  • Height: 54 m[4]
  • Weight: 44,000 t[4]


After Zabil stole the GUTS Sparklence and GUTS Hyper Keys from Kengo, he hooked it up to an altar at the Eternity Core's entrance. He then had his cultists place four glyphs on the four surrounding pillars and, chanting "R'lyeh Ku Leyrah" (ルルイエ・ク・ライラー Ruruie Ku Rairā) (meaning "hope and light"), they transmuted their life into "light". Zabil then holds the Ancient Sparklence towards it and transforms into Evil Trigger.


  • Sheer Strength: Evil Trigger is incredibly strong, able to hold the Nursedessei in his grip and swing it around with ease.


  • Evil Shoot (イーヴィルシュート Īviru Shūto): Evil Trigger's finishing move, a dark beam fired from his arms in a left-handed L-style.[4] His eyes inverted into negative light effect briefly, before firing it.
  • Evil Slash (イーヴィルスラッシュ Īviru Surasshu): A ball of dark energy fired from the hands.
  • Evil Shield (イーヴィルシールド Īviru Shīrudo): A circular barrier of energy, used to block attacks.
  • Dark Lightning: Red bolts of lightning erupt from Evil Trigger's body.
  • Energy Absorption: Evil Trigger can absorb Ultraman Trigger's energy by placing his palm on Trigger.
    • Evil Giganzer (イーヴィルジャイガンザー Īviru Jaiganzā): Evil Trigger grows in size after absorbing more of Trigger's light.


Ultra Monster Series

Umsex eviltrigger.jpg

  • Evil Trigger (2022)
    • Release Date: March 05, 2022
    • Price: 600 yen
    • JAN/ISBN:
    • Materials: PVC
Ultra Monster Series Evil Trigger is a 14-cm soft vinyl figure with 3 points of articulation on the arms and waist. Molded in black and silvery-gray PVC plastic, Evil Trigger features primarily gold, silver, and some red and metallic blue (in both dark and light colors) paint.


Ultraman Trigger: Episode Z



  • Despite being a reinterpretation of Evil Tiga, the circumstances leading to his birth are portrayed different; whereas Evil Tiga is an existing Ultraman who was corrupted from a forced merger with Keigo Masaki, Evil Trigger is the manifestation of Zabil's desire to become "the light" through Trigger's own powers as a conduit.
  • Evil Trigger's eyes are colored blue, being based on both his source of inspiration and his host, Zabil. When Zabil further descends into madness, Evil Trigger's eyes turned black at the same time as his human host.
  • The "R'lyeh lu Leyrah" chant that Leyrah performs to summon Evil Trigger means "light of hope" in the Ultra-Ancient language, which is the same transformation phrase Kengo chants before transforming into Trigger Multi Type.


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