Evil Samurai

Evil Samurai

The Evil Samurai are normal Feudal Japan era warriors who somehow ended up in the Cretacious era in the series, Dinosaur Sentai Koseidon.

Subtitle: None.


Height: 1m

Weight: Varied from Samurai

Origin: Earth, Feudal Japan.


As the war between the Dinosaur Task Force and Alien Devil Akumazu continued, a time warp opened in Feudal Japan, sending a group of corrupted samurai back to the age of dinosaurs! Confused and scared, they lashed out at anyone that moved, weather it be human, dinosaur or alien. Among the many they attacked was a Tracadon and Devil Akumazu's men. Before long, both alien and humans, along with the help of some near by dinosaurs formed a temporary truce and figured out a way to send the corrupted men back to their own time.


Powers and Weapons
  • Swords: Like all samurai, the Evil ones in Koseidon carried swords and katanas to battle.
  • Armor: Covering their bodies, the samurai had thick, protective armor, strong enough to repel Koseidon's blade and blast from the Aliens.
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