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Eri Hara (原エリ Hara Eri) is one of the characters in Ultraman Geed. She is the first featured Little Star host.


Eri Hara first appears in episode 1 visitng her uncle, Haruo's store with her mother and greeted Riku. When Eri got herself an ice cream, she found out something strange, the ice cream has melted and realizing her hands were hot, much to her mother and uncle's shock. After Skull Gomora's first raid, she and her mother went to live with Eri's grandfather from safety. However, she was being targeted by the said Kaiju due to her Little Star and witnessing Geed protecting her from Skull Gomora, destroying the Kaiju with his Wrecking Burst.

Im the second episode, when Eri tries to help Haruo by setting up a fire, and caught the attention of others and was kicked out from the refugee camp along with her family due to this. As a result, they moved to Eri's grandfather warehouse to keep Eri safe. Eri was later kidnapped by a Dada before Riku and Laiha saved her. Eri and her family later witnessed Geed on a losing battle with Skull Gomora and Eri prayed to Geed to win the battle which gives Riku/Geed the determination and destroyed Skull Gomora for the second battle. Eri's Little Star was harvested by Geed after Skull Gomora's destruction.

Eri is briefly seen in episode 5 in a video clip and was mentioned by RE.M. when she was discussing the issue of Little Star with Laiha, Pega, and Riku.

Powers and Weapons

  • Little Star (リトルスター Ritoru Sutā): Eri formerly possess a Little Star. With the Little Star, Eri was able to perform pyrokinesis by setting up a fire with her hand. After her prayers, it formed the Leo Capsule.