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Enzan (炎山エンザンlit. "Fire Mountain") is the second of the three nature control machines that appeared in the series, Ultraman Gaia. According to Shinryoku, Enzan's purpose was to melt the ice caps and prevent the new inhabitants of Earth from suffering an ice age, the second step to repopulating Earth.

Subtitle: Nature Control Machine (自然コントロールマシーン Shizen Kontorōru Mashīn)


Ultraman Gaia

Enzan was, like Tenkai, another Nature Control Machine that was charged with repopulating the Earth when one species over evolves and was wiped out. Enzan awoke after Tenkai was destroyed to resume his part, but was quickly discovered by XIG and Team Lightning was dispatched. Team Lightning then proceeded to shoot freeze missiles at the mecha but those only succeeded in making Enzan more powerful and change him into a monster. Gamu called upon the power of Earth, and Ultraman Gaia appeared to face off against the heat source. At first, it seemed that Gaia had the upper hand, but the game was soon flipped when Enzan attacked Gaia with his energy bullets and flames. However, Gaia changed into Supreme Version and quickly beat down Enzan including using the Supreme Lifting, telling him to flee. But Enzan attacked even after he fled, and Gaia responded with the Photon Stream. He then performed a drill attack similar to the one he did to Tenkai and Enzan was killed with ease. The Advent of the Heatwave



  • Height: 62 m
  • Weight: 87,000 t
  • Origin: Chiba Prefecture mountain oil field
Powers and Weapons
  • Extreme Heat: Enzan always have an extreme amount of heat around him that can cause humans to faint.
  • Energy Bullets: Enzan can fire energy bullets from his pincers.
  • Fire: Enzan can shoot a blast of fire from his mouth.


Enzan was released by the Ultra Monster Series in 1999. The Enzan figure is very accurate to the shows counter part. He stands 6in tall. But, the flaw is when you turn its tail you can see an undesigned part and the arms can sometimes pop out of place and you have to get them back in order but, the rest is very nicely done.


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