Encounters and Friends
Ultraman X, Episode Recap
X Vs Zetton
Air date 09/01/2015
Written by Ryo Ikeda
Screenplay by Yusuke Murakami
An Oath Beyond Worlds
X in Peril
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Encounters and Friends (出会いそして仲間たち Deai Soshite Nakama-Tachi) is a recap episode of Ultraman X. It covers the whole flashback from episode 1 to episode 7 but gives the viewers a sneak peek of upcoming enemies and forms.


In this episode, Daichi and X discuss about the monsters they encountered and the several allies so far. Later on at the end of the show, sneak peeks of future episodes were given.




  • Ultraman X (Flashback)
    • Gomora Armor
    • Eleking Armor
    • Ultraman Zero Armor
    • Bemstar Armor
    • Zetton Armor (Sneak Peek)
    • Ultraman Exceed X (Sneak Peek)
  • Ultraman Zero (Flashback)
    • StrongCorona Mode
    • LunaMiracle Mode
  • Ultraman Max (Sneak Peek)



Sneak Peeks


  • This episode can alternatively be numbered as "7.5", as it placed in the middle of episode 7 and 8.


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