Elly of Christmas

Elly of Christmas (クリスマスのエリー Kurisumasu no Erī) is the twenty-sixth episode of Ultraman Max.


Elly gets involved with Dr. Kori, who is trying to trap the mysterious Unizin.


While out Christmas shopping with two teammates, Elly wonders about the meaning of the human holiday. When the others leave her briefly, she finds Dr. Kori, who is constructing a machine for the capture of Unizin, who appears once every twelve years. She sees it fly over briefly, but it vanishes, and is given an electrical shock by the machine. DASH notices she's down, albeit briefly. The captain says they should leave her be, because she is equipped with crime prevention functions.

The doctor needs Japanese ash wood, and is about to deforest for it. He is nearly caught, but Elly manages to find a walking stick of it instead. He reveals Unizen passes earth once every twelve years briefly on December 24th. He then "borrows" a battery. Elly goes to the security camera with a sign saying "We will return it," and Sean recognizes the Dr. as a known swindler.

The Dr. builds his trap and produces a crystal to contain Unizin in. He then tells Elly that some time ago, on Christmas, his sister had wished for some red berries to decorate the tree. He had run out into the woods, and seen Unizin, but had not obtained the branch.

The others are determined that Unizin does not exist when they hear of it, and attempt to dissuade Elly. However, she is determined to believe in the existence of the deity. They are surprised when Unizin does, indeed, appear. The doctor's trap activates, and the surroundings begin to vanish—if Unizin remains too long in one area, the time around him disappears. Max appears and activates a shield to stop it, but he cannot stay transformed forever.

However, Dr. Kori runs forward, and releases the deity from its trap, to the surprise of Elly. Unizin takes flight, but leaves behind the branch with red berries.






Home Media

  • Ultraman Max Volume 7 features episodes 23-26.
  • Ultraman Max Complete Season.
  • The episode was premiered in the United States on TOKU on March 15, 2017.
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