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Elly Destruction Directive[1] (エリー破壊指令 Erī Hakai Shirei) is the thirty-second episode of Ultraman Max.


Elly is hacked and Base Titan shut down. Koba sets out in pursuit, but Elly may be used as a weapon...


Koba is practicing shooting, with the aid of Elly, when a mysterious virus infects her. She knocks Koba down and walks out, and leaves in the DASH Alpha. Koba pursues on a motorcycle, while the base locks down, trapping the rest of the team. Sean works on the base's computer, while Koba continues to trail Elly.

DASH Satellites detect an abnormality in space-time. Meanwhile, Elly awakes, imprisoned, removes the virus, and restarts. She contacts DASH and tells them she is being used to control a missile container which will destroy all DASH bases. However, Kerus cuts off her connection.

Koba sneaks into the base, engaging with the Kedam. Meanwhile, the UDF decides to destroy Elly. Koba makes it further in, but is attacked by Kerus. After a brief battle, he is defeated, and Kerus leaves. Koba continues and reaches Elly, telling her to go after her captor. They run into him, but Koba manages to shoot, injuring him. Team DASH manages to arrive, having undone the base's lockdown.

Elly tells them she has ten minutes left, and to destroy her. They refuse. Kaito chases Kerus outside and both transform. After a short battle, Max defeats the alien, and destroys the missiles. Later, Elly visits Koba, and gives him a gift: new DASH gloves to replace the ones destroyed by Kerus.





Home Media

  • Ultraman Max Volume 9 features episodes 31-34.
  • Ultraman Max Complete Season.
  • The episode was premiered in the United States on TOKU on March 21, 2017


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