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|Category = [[:Category:Kaiju|Kaiju]]
|Category = [[:Category:Kaiju|Kaiju]]
|Affiliation = [[Alien Pitt]]<br>[[Nokogilin]] ([[Redman (series)|Redman]]<nowiki>)</nowiki><br>[[Alien Mefilas]] (reviver)<br>[[GUYS (Guards for Utility Situation)|GUYS]]<br>[[Rei]]<br>[[Ultraman Belial]]<br>[[Beryudora]] (Body Part)<br>[[Mana|Android One Zero]] (MonsLive user)<br>[[Hikaru Raido]] (UltraLive user)<br>[[Xio (Xeno Invasion Outcutters)|Xio]](Cyber Eleking)<br>[[Thunder Killer]] (Fusion)
|Affiliation = [[Alien Pitt]]<br>[[Nokogilin]] ([[Redman (series)|Redman]]<nowiki>)</nowiki><br>[[Alien Mefilas]] (reviver)<br>[[GUYS (Guards for Utility Situation)|GUYS]]<br>[[Rei]]<br>[[Ultraman Belial]]<br>[[Beryudora]] (Body Part)<br>[[Mana|Android One Zero]] (MonsLive user)<br>[[Hikaru Raido]] (UltraLive user)<br>[[Xio (Xeno Invasion Outcutters)|Xio]](Cyber Eleking)<br>[[Thunder Killer]] (Fusion)
|Roar(s) = Eleking: [[File:Eleking Roars.ogg]]<br>Re-Eleking: [[File:Takkong.ogg]]<br>Ultra Fight:
|Roar(s) = Eleking: [[File:Eleking Roars.ogg|140px]]<br>Re-Eleking: [[File:Takkong.ogg|140px]]<br>Ultra Fight:
[[File:Daigoro's_Mother_SFX.ogg]]<br>Redman: [[File:Bemular's_roars.ogg]]<br>EX Eleking: TBA}}
[[File:Daigoro's_Mother_SFX.ogg|140px]]<br>Redman: [[File:Bemular's_roars.ogg|140px]]<br>EX Eleking: TBA}}
{{Nihongo|'''Eleking'''|エレキング|Erekingu}} is a fictional, electric-eel-like kaiju first appeared in the tokusatsu TV series ''[[Ultraseven (series)|Ultraseven]]''. Eleking has been one of the most iconic monsters to appear through out the [[Ultra Series]] and has gone on to win the Japanese '''Best Monster Award''' for the Ultraseven series, being called the most impressive of [[Ultraseven (character)|Ultraseven]]'s enemy kaiju and aliens (alongside [[Alien Metron]]).
{{Nihongo|'''Eleking'''|エレキング|Erekingu}} is a fictional, electric-eel-like kaiju first appeared in the tokusatsu TV series ''[[Ultraseven (series)|Ultraseven]]''. Eleking has been one of the most iconic monsters to appear through out the [[Ultra Series]] and has gone on to win the Japanese '''Best Monster Award''' for the Ultraseven series, being called the most impressive of [[Ultraseven (character)|Ultraseven]]'s enemy kaiju and aliens (alongside [[Alien Metron]]).

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Eleking Heisei ver

Eleking frm Max

Home world: Planet Pitt, Planet Boris (Nebula M78 Timeline)
Planet Pitt (Alternate Nebula M78 Timeline)
First appearance: Ultraseven Episode 2: "The Secret of the Lake" (1967)
Latest appearance: Ultraman Geed Episode 4: "A Job Where You Investigate Aliens" (2017)
Height: 20 cm ~ 53 m
Weight: 500g ~ 25,000 t
Category: Kaiju
Affiliation: Alien Pitt
Nokogilin (Redman)
Alien Mefilas (reviver)
Ultraman Belial
Beryudora (Body Part)
Android One Zero (MonsLive user)
Hikaru Raido (UltraLive user)
Xio(Cyber Eleking)
Thunder Killer (Fusion)
Roar(s): Eleking:
Eleking Roars


Ultra Fight:
Daigoro's Mother SFX

Bemular's roars

EX Eleking: TBA

Eleking (エレキング Erekingu) is a fictional, electric-eel-like kaiju first appeared in the tokusatsu TV series Ultraseven. Eleking has been one of the most iconic monsters to appear through out the Ultra Series and has gone on to win the Japanese Best Monster Award for the Ultraseven series, being called the most impressive of Ultraseven's enemy kaiju and aliens (alongside Alien Metron).

  • Subtitle: Space Monster (宇宙怪獣 Uchū Kaijū)
  • Re-Eleking subtitle: Moonlight Monster (月光怪獣 Gekkō Kaiju)
  • Max subtitle: Discharge Dragon (放電竜 Hōuden Ryu)


Ultraseven (series)

Tadpole Eleking

Tadpole Eleking

Tadpole Eleking.

Eleking was a monster born and raised by two twin sisters, who let him loose on the earth after stealing Dan's Ultra Eye, which prevented him from assuming his Ultraseven form. Once the twin sisters, known as the Alien Pitt, arrived on Earth they donned the guises of human girls. When one of them was observing the lake she was caught by two members of the Ultra Garrison and a fisherman. As she tried to escape them she released Tadpole Eleking into the water, allowing the other Pitt Seijin to summon him when the time was needed.

Adult Eleking

Eleking old

Eleking in Ultraseven

With Ultraseven nowhere in sight, Eleking was free to wreak havoc. Luckily, Dan released Miclas, one of his "capsule monsters," to fight, and hopefully, distract Eleking while he chased after the sisters to retrieve his Ultra Eye. The two monsters battled fiercely in the lake, and soon brought the battle to land. Miclas, however, was eventually defeated by Eleking's long, whip tail, as well as his electric shock powers. After Miclas failed to defeat Eleking, all seemed lost, until Dan finally managed to retrieve the Eye by chasing the sisters to their hideout; a large spaceship, from which they controlled Eleking. Dan quickly transformed into Ultraseven, and attacked Eleking. Eleking tried to fight off Ultraseven by shocking him, but the Ultra hero was able to break loose of his tail grip, and he then proceeded to destroy Eleking's two horns with his Emerium Beam before slicing him to pieces with his Eye Slugger. Eleking's dismembered body burst into flames shortly after.


  • Both of Eleking's horns fall off in this episode. His right one falls off when fighting Miclas and his left one falls off when Ultraseven tackles him at the beginning of the final fight.
  • Eleking was seen in one of the stock footages of Seven's past battles in episode 48.
  • Eleking was seen in one of the stock footages in Ultraman 80 Episode 45 & Episode 47
  • Eleking's roar is reused for Kamacuras from the Toho Godzilla series.
  • In the original series, Eleking was originally intended to be (and painted as being) black and white. However due to the suit constantly being submerged in water for most of its scene, the white elements of the suit gradually stained, giving it its signature yellowish color.
  • This episode was later featured in episode 27 of Ultraman Retsuden: The Secret of the Lake! Seven vs. Eleking!!
  • A magazine released at the time of release stated that Eleking's race is a herbivorous freshwater fish species indigenous to Planet Pitt. They are usually a docile species that eat plants and micro-organisms in the water, the one in Seven however was strangely violent, making it the choice to use in the Alien Pitt's invasion.
  • According to Ultraman Taro Episode 40, this event occured on October 1st 1942.

Ultraman Taro

Eleking II


Eleking re-appeared in the series Ultraman Taro this time as Regenerated Eleking (再生エレキング Saisei Erekingu shortened to Re-Eleking). This incarnation is sometimes referred to Eleking II. He was also seen in a animated flashback as part of the Monster Army lead by Alien Empera in Episode 25.

On a cold, lonely night, a full moon hung in the sky. But soon Eleking, supposedly killed in its battle with Ultraseven 6 years ago, was aroused from the underground. The kaiju attacked nearby villages, and left much destruction in his path and was then attacked by ZAT. He was seemingly defeated, but he beat a hasty retreat when the sun began to rise. Some time later, another full moon appeared, as well as the creature, who was now revealed to be Re-Eleking revived by the light of the moon. But his attack was soon halted by ZAT, as well as some village children, who were able to get a rope around Re-Eleking's left horn. This only angered the monster, as it let loose with more flames. Soon, Kotaro Higashi decides to attack Re-Eleking with his armored vehicle. The attack is short lived, however, as Re-Eleking jumps onto it. Kotaro used his Ultra Badge to turn into Ultraman Taro just in time. Taro then deals Re-Eleking a mighty beating. Re-Eleking managed to get the best of Taro using his flames, but Taro persevered. Then, Taro used his powers to turn the rope on Re-Eleking II 's horn into a chain. Grappling for a bit, he ripped off his horns, until Re-Eleking was hornless! Re-Eleking collapsed to the ground dying, his body began to release a bubbling foam before finally self-destructing.


  • In the initial plans for the episode, which was to be titled The Touch of the Full Moon on the Mammoth's Fang! (マンモスの牙が満月に吼えた! Manmosu no Kiba ga Mangetsu ni Hoeta!), a new kaiju named Giant Fang Monster (巨大牙怪獣 Kyodai Kiba Kaijū): Gokiba (ゴキバ Gokiba) was to be introduced and revive a group of fallen monsters that did not include Eleking. However, after some developments, The initial idea was dropped and Eleking was reintroduced. The only remnants of this idea is the teeth design of the Eleking being what Gokiba's would have been.
  • In this series Re-Eleking can emit a deadly stream of flames from his mouth and the end of his tail. Some magazines claim that Re-Eleking retains its electricity power and adding it to its flame breath.
  • Unlike his original form, Re-Eleking's horns do not rotate but instead, small lights flash on and off on the white parts of his horns.
  • It is unknown why or how the moon revives Eleking, but in a children's magazine, Eleking is said to be revived by an unknown evil force who wanted to resurrect an army of monsters. Upon Re-Eleking's defeat, the unnamed villain expresses his regret for not reviving King Joe instead.
  • Despite technically being the revived original, Re-Eleking is referred to as the second generation. In episode 9 of Ultraman Mebius, Teppei of Crew GUYS believe that Re-Eleking is a different individual instead of the revived first generation.
  • Re-Eleking's roar is the same roar as Takkong.
  • Whereas Re-Eleking rises from the ground, the first Eleking arose from the lake.

Ultraman Story

In the movie Eleking was revived by Alien Mefilas and became Re-Eleking. Father of Ultra sent Taro to stop the beast. Taro struggled until he figured out the weakness of Eleking are its horns. The battles of Re-Eleking relied on stock footage of the Re-Eleking in Ultraman Taro. The Spirit of Eleking along with Red King, Gomora, Alien Baltan & Alien Hipporito combined into Grand King by Juda.

Heisei Ultra Seven

Eleking heisei

This monster re-appeared in the series Heisei Ultraseven - Operation: Solar Energy Strategy as Eleking III (エレキング三代目 Erekingu Sandaime).

A few months ago the people of planet Pitt tried to conquer Earth with a powerful monster known as Eleking. Their plan was foiled by Ultraseven but in 1968 the aliens returned with a new more powerful Eleking. The creature began to kill campers and destroy parts of the forest but the Ultra Garrison fought back as they managed to blow off one of Eleking's horns. It didn't take long for the Pitt aliens to repair their pet and send it on it's next mission, to destroy an experimental solar energy system. Moving to stop them, Dan transformed into Ultraseven and did battle with the beast at the institute where the system was built. In the battle, Eleking eventually gained the upper hand by using his tail to ensnare Seven. As all seemed lost for Ultraseven the Ultra Garrison used a new solar system as a weapon to drain Eleking's energy, finally able to break free, Ultraseven used his Eye Slugger to cut off Eleking's tail before destroying it with the Emerium Beam.

  • This Eleking suit has been used since this series.

Ultraman Max

Ultrmn Mx Elkng

Eleking, as seen in Ultraman Max.

Eleking re-appeared in the series Ultraman Max episodes 2 and 27. In Ultraman Max, Eleking's subtitle was different.

Eleking seemed to appear out of nowhere in the middle of Tokyo, specifically in Area JT442, absorbing the city's electricity causing the city to black out. DASH soon arrived, and quickly found the monster feeding. But before they could launch an attack, Eleking seemed to disappear into nothing. In actuality Eleking shrunk down to the size of a small dog and was in the care of a lonely woman who is being manipulated by an unseen force. While in it's pen, Eleking laid an egg.

Download 3

Baby Eleking

When Eleking revealed itself again, DASH used a special device that made sort of a dome around the area where Eleking was, thus allowing them to keep him in one spot keeping the beast from moving through any more parts of Tokyo. However, Eleking was able to pass through the dome when the woman carried him out in her purse. Eleking was finally confronted by Ultraman Max during it's third raid and was ultimately destroyed by the Ultra Crusader. The egg that Eleking had previously laid disappeared from the woman's home afterwards.The Girl Who Keeps a Monster

The Baby Eleking would breed many more, but it was not until months later when a man was discovered in a coma and a dead Baby Eleking was found with him. DASH quickly analyzed the signal the dead alien creature was emitting and began to search for more of them. One was found by Mizuki and Kaito, but Mizuki was soon knocked into a coma after looking at the Baby Eleking. Kaito was soon met with the Eleking creators, Pitt Seijins. The Pitts easily beaten Kaito down and took off with the Max Spark. After Mizuki was sent to the medical bay she became furious and went off with DASH Alpha with the apparently dead Baby Eleking that was actually still alive. When Kaito caught up to Mizuki a second full ground Eleking made itself known and DASH went after it. Kaito plucked Baby Eleking off Mizuki and was getting shocked by the little creature's surge. Mizuki called for DASH Bird 3 while Kaito fought Baby Eleking and soon threw him off. All the Baby Elekings across the city were soon converted into energy by the Pitt Seijins and sent back to their ship. The Baby Elekings were destroyed along with the Alien Pitt ship.The Taken Max Spark

  • Unlike what most people can see, this Eleking has a shorter stubbier neck that also hunches slightly over more over.
  • In this series, Eleking's electric mouth bursts are yellow instead of blue and will continue to be this color.
  • In episode 27, Dash Bird shot one of Eleking's horns making it fall off but it appears later when Kaito transforms into Ultraman Max and in another scene when Max is punching Eleking, the horn is not there anymore.

Ultraman Mebius


Rimu Eleking

This Monster reappeared in the series Ultraman Mebius as Lim Eleking (リムエレキング Rimu Erekingu). In Japan, the name translated as "Lim" instead of "Rimu", with "Lim" standing for "Limited" as Lim Eleking can only be active for 1 minute like all other Maquette Monsters. Each Lim Eleking is different, meaning that Lim is instantly respawning, but as different entities.

Lim Eleking&#039;s first apperance

Lim Eleking's first apperance

Created by the particle accelerator that created Maquette Monsters malfunctioning beneath the base of GUYS, Lim Eleking was an offshoot mutation of nanomachines with data on the original Eleking from Ultraseven's time based on trauma the original Miclas experienced. Lim Eleking's first appearance made most of the members of GUYS nervous except Konomi. The miniature monster reappeared later that day as GUYS was eating lunch Lim Eleking was absorbing electricity from an electrical socket. George tried to pull it out only to get severely stunned. After the destruction of Bogar monster it was decided that Lim Eleking would be GUYS' mascot and has popped up in different places through out the rest of Ultraman Mebius's time.


  • Lim Eleking's chirping one time is actually the same sound of a bird and Dino Brace in Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger, screeching like the original Eleking and squeaks like a mouse.
  • Some people think this name is supposed to be Elekid.
  • The Lim Eleking prop is no longer in use and is currently on display in Kohji Moritsugu's (the actor who played Ultraseven's human form Dan Moroboshi) restaurant in Kanagawa.

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle

NE0 Eleking

Rei's Eleking in Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle

This monster reappeared in the series Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle as both Eleking and Rimu Eleking.

After Arstron defeated Cherubim, Eleking's tail came out of the lake and dragged him in. With Eleking's maneuverability and strength underwater, Arstron could barely keep pace and was soon shocked to death by Eleking's electricity. Eleking had help, however, from special stones scattered across the lakebed, which amplified his electric powers. ZAP SPACY had used a mini-sub with a direct feed camera to watch the battle unfold, and now, Eleking had set it's sights on them! Once it emerged from the water, Rei summoned Gomora to fight it, but Eleking eventually dragged it into the lake after realizing he could win on land. Eleking easily beat Gomora, and was about to shock it to death until Rei called Gomora back. Luckily, ZAP SPACY had a plan; using their Pendragon airship to lift Eleking out of the lake and onto land, using an energy net. Now, when Gomora battled Eleking, he was victorious. However, instead of killing Eleking, Rei captured him with his Battle Nizer. Alongside Gomora and Litra, Eleking fought and defeated many monsters, including Zoa Muruchi, his first foe, King Joe Black, Verokron, Doragory, and Zetton.


Rei&#039;s remu eleking

Rei's Eleking as Lim Eleking

  • This costume was reused from the Heisei UltraSeven, rather than reusing the one from Ultraman Max. It was designed to look very much like the costume of the first Eleking.
  • In this series, Eleking was also given a new power: the ability to launch a powerful lightning bolt from his mouth.
  • Eleking, as well as his battles against Arstron, Gomora, Verokron, and Doragory, was referenced by the Spark Dolls Troupe in New Ultraman Retsuden Episode 16.
  • Saki Kamiryo, Haruna's actress finds Lim Eleking as a "cute" monster.

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey

NEO Eleking

Rei's Eleking vs. Alien Hook's Dorako

Rei's Eleking reappeared in the series Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey.

After the events on Planet Boris, Rei and the crew of the Pendragon returned to the ZAP SPACY headquarters. Gomora, Eleking, and Litra all came with Rei, housed in his Battle Nizer. However, after the attack on the HQ by Dail, the Reionyx Hunter, Rei and Captain Hyuga were sucked into a workhole that led to another world infested with monsters, as well as aliens. Eleking was first summoned to Dorako, and would continue to fight alongside Rei. Sadly, Eleking met his match against Tyrant, a monster tamed by another Reionyx like Rei, named Grande. Eleking fought bravely, but was eventually brutally killed by Tyrant. The Pendragon crew mourned his death, but he was avenged by Gomora. Eleking was gone, but he would never be forgotten however.


Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie

This monster reappeared in the movie Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie. Eleking is one of Ultraman Belial's 100 Monster Army. He was first seen as a spirit in a shot of the Monster Graveyard with Gomess and Alien Reflect. He was then seen rising out of the ground along with Red King, Ho, Banpira, King Gesura, Gudon, and Tyrant and then being re-captured by Ultraman Belial. He teams up with Banpira, Gan-Q, Pandon, Nova, Alien Metron, Alien Guts, King Joe Black, Verokron, Fire Golza, and Doragory to take on Ultraseven. Eleking was killed by Ultraseven's Emerium Ray.


  • Oddly enough, when Rei's Gomora went berserk and Belial ordered the remnants of his 100 monster army to retreat, Eleking's screeching could still be heard several times amidst the background of multiple monster noises, despite Eleking being eliminated early in battle.
  • Eleking is one of the monsters that makes up Beryudora's Support 2 in Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie.
  • From this point on, all Elekings were portrayed as bad were slightly 'hunched' over.

Ultraman Ginga

Eleking participated in the Dark Spark War fighting alongside various monsters against Ultras until he was turned into a Spark Doll by Dark Lugiel. In episode 7, he along with many other monsters are seen cheering Ultraman Ginga on as he fights Dark Galberos.

It is likely that he returned to space in his original form after Ultraman Ginga defeated Dark Lugiel in the final episode.

New Ultraman Retsuden

Eleking Ginga

Eleking in Ginga

Eleking reappeared in New Ultraman Retsuden at the beginning of episode 12.

Eleking first appeared immediately confronting Ultraman Ginga. Eleking managed to get it's tail around Ginga's arms and waist but the tables were turned when Ginga used Ginga Thunderbolt. Eleking was defeated and turned back into a Spark Doll.


  • Eleking appearing in the episode may be a reference to how a Eleking defeated by Ultraseven and "supernaturally" revived in Ultraman Taro's time. As, the episode talked about the spirits of the monsters.

Ultraman Ginga S


Eleking reappeared in episode 2 of Ultraman Ginga S.

Originally part of Alien Chibu Exceller's collection, Eleking's Spark Doll was given to Android One Zero where she "MonsLived" into him and traveled underground in search of Victorium crystals at night, knocking out the electricity of many generators on the way.

The next day, Eleking was used as a mode of transportation for Android One Zero and then was sent into a rampage throughout the city after the user was shot by Arisa. After distracting her with EX Red King's Spark Doll via Victory Lancer, Shou transformed into Ultraman Victory to fight her. Both put up a great fight, until Eleking shocked him with his tail and blasted him with his electric discs. Hikaru Raido then transformed into Ultraman Ginga to help Shou. After Ginga scored several hits with his Ginga Spark Lance, Victory defeated Eleking with a Victory Kick, four Victorium Slashes, four punches of his EX Red King Knuckle, and finally with his signature move, the Victorium Shoot. Shou then gained Eleking's Spark Doll. Ginga VS Victory

He reappeared again in episode 8 as the second monster UltraLived by Hikaru to fight Five King, who at the moment was "MonsLived" by Alien Chibu Exceller. Eleking tried to shock his opponent, but it used its Gan Q hand to absorb the electricity and send it right back at him, defeating him. Fight to the Death of the Morning Glow

Ultraman X

"Next time let's try this one. Come on, it'll be cute!"

―Rui as she amazes Cyber Eleking, Voice from the Starry Sky.
Rui and Cyber Eleking

Rui showing Daichi her designs of Cyber Eleking.

An Eleking Spark Doll was the first and only Spark Doll in Xio's possession prior to the arrival of Ultraman X. Aegis, Time to Shine The doll's data was used to create the artificial monster Cyber Eleking (サイバーエレキング Saibā Erekingu). This Cyber Kaiju is the center of Rui's attention, finding its appearance "cute".

Cyber Eleking was created by Xio using the data of an Eleking Spark Doll. While the Research and Development lab team failed to materialize Cyber Gomora, Rui Takada proposed Cyber Eleking to be used instead causing her and Daichi to argue over their favorite Kaiju. Voice from the Starry Sky

Soon, Rui modified Cyber Eleking to arm X with, forming the Eleking Armor. The Song That Calls the Night

Eleking's Spark Doll is usually seen in a small, man-made environment in Xio similar to it's natural habitat to make them more emotionally stable. Feature Report! 24 Hours Inside Xio

In the final episode, after Greeza destroyed the Xio base, Eleking's Spark Doll was absorbed by Greeza and the alien copied Eleking's Electricity Whip as a result. After speaking out to Gomora and striking Greeza right in the center of his chest, Eleking, along with all of the other Spark Dolls, traveled to X and united with him. Cyber Eleking's power and shoulder pads were used to help form the Hybrid armor and power up the Ultimate Xanadium to defeat Greeza once and for all. Eleking, along with the numerous other Cyber Cards and Spark Dolls, then appeared and thanked Daichi as he thanked them.


  • It was revealed that the Eleking Armor's head was purposely made to be placed on the left shoulder, as Rui wanted the armor to be "cuter", even X favors the armor more than Gomora Armor.
  • In an early draft, it was revealed that Cyber Eleking and Cyber Bemstar were supposed to have their own suit as well like Cyber Gomora, allowing Xio members in the field to utilize their respective Cyber Monsters and assist X in the battle.
  • Cyber Eleking's gunmetal hide is part of its aerodynamic design.

Ultraman X The Movie: Here Comes! Our Ultraman

Eleking's Cyber Card was also used in the movie, where it's power created an electrical energy field in which to prevent Zaigorg from rampaging towards the Carlos Industries using the two satellites on top of the building, but Zaigorg summoned his minions, Gorg Antlar and Gorg Fire Golza and they destroyed the satellites with their signature beams, freeing their master in the process.

Ultraman Orb

"Red King, Eleking, King Guesra, King of Mons, King Joe. The Five Kings Cards"

―Jugglus Juggler

Eleking reappeared in episode six of the series Ultraman Orb as a Kaiju Card used by Jugglus Juggler in a card game with Alien Nackle Nagus and Alien Metron Tarude.

Ultraman Geed



Eleking reappeared in episode 4 of Ultraman Geed where he emerged from a river and began to wreck mayhem throughout Hanmura as it went after it's own master, Alien Pitt Tri-Tip is in possession of a Little Star. In response, Riku Asakura transformed into Ultraman Geed to stop him. The two giants were evenly matched In combat as they started their fight. When the kaiju unleashed his Light Blades at the Ultra, Geed dodged and blocked the attack at first as well as counterattacking with his own version of the attack and then blocked the attacks with his Geed Barrier as he charged at him, then put Eleking in a sleeper hold. Eleking then shook him off and then attacked Geed with his Electric Tail, resulting in the Ultra getting paralyzed for several seconds.

With his opponent seemingly defeated, Eleking resumed going after Tri-Tip. Moa tried to stop it with a weird plant owned by an Alien Hook that puts people to sleep, but it only changed Eleking's behavior and put Moa to sleep. Geed then got back up and transformed into his Solid Burning form and turned the tide of the fight in his favor by hitting the kaiju with his Geed Slugger four times then with an Emerium Ray that hit his torso all the way to his head. Eleking was then destroyed by Geed's Boost Slugger Punch, which resulted in what's left of him to be contained by Kei Fukuide inside a Kaiju Capsule as well as the former Alien Pitt owner's Little Star to be converted into the Hikari Capsule for Geed to use later on.


  • The way Eleking is defeated in Geed is quite similar to the way Seven defeated him in his original appearance. The order of attack is different between the two but the order is:
    • The Ultra's respective Slugger cutting through Eleking (Seven performed this second)
    • An Emerium Ray like attack that hits Eleking's antenna. (Seven performed this first)
    • A final cut to Eleking's head followed by an explosion.

Thunder Killer

Main article: Thunder Killer


Elekings are primarily used by the Pitt for their plans. It is unknown whether Elekings are native to the Pitt homeworld or if they are creations of the aliens.

Eleking (Tadpole)
Tadpole Eleking

Tadpole Eleking.

  • Height: 0.3 m
  • Weight: 50 g
  • Origin: Planet Pitt
Powers and Weapons
  • Adept Swimmer: Eleking at this state can only able to swim at moderate speed


Rei's Eleking

The original Eleking had the ability to naturally generate Electricity from its body, primarily its horns. Damaging these horns would be painful enough to distract Eleking. It is unknown whether the destruction of its horns would impede its ability to generate electricity or not. A Battle Nizer Eleking seems to be much stronger than a natural one, and is able to use more advanced energy attacks.

  • Height: 0.3 ~ 85 m, 53 m (Ultra Fight)
  • Weight: 50 g ~ 25,000 t, 15,000 t (Ultra Fight)
  • Tail length : 157 m
  • Origin: Planet Pitt
  • Attack: 1200 (Galaxy), 1300 (NEO)
  • Defense: 800 (Galaxy), 900 (NEO)
  • Speed: 800 (Galaxy), 700 (NEO)
Powers and Weapons
  • Tail: Eleking’s tail is very long and flexible that he is capable of extending it long enough to allow it to be used as if a whip for whipping opponents mercilessly or even a tentacle used to constrict his foes, wrapping around and choking opponents.
    • Electric Tail (エレクトリックテール Erekutorikku Tēru): By wrapping its opponent with its tail, Eleking can launch volts of electricity to the victim.
  • Eleking Collider (エレキングコレダー Erekingu Koredā): Focusing its power, Eleking can send surges of thousands of volts of immense amounts of electricity through any part of its body, delivering a nasty shock. In addition, by simply grabbing hold of a victim, Eleking can channel and send millions of volts of shocking electricity into an opponent’s body through his touch, shocking anything and anybody that makes contact with him. His shocks are strong enough to kill/destroy monsters, if used long enough.
  • Discharge Ray (放電光線 Hōden Kōsen): When needed, Eleking can launch a powerful bolt of lightning spewed from his mouth. This bolt has tremendous firepower, strong enough to be able to completely kill weaker monsters in just one hitting shot.
  • Light Blade (光刃 Kōjin): Eleking can launch blue or yellow, crescent-shaped, electric disc wave bursts of electric energy fired from his mouth. These waves are very powerful and can create missile-strength blasts, cause moderate sized explosions and large fires, and also surge electricity through an opponent. He can even fire these in such rapid succession they develop a beam-like effect. It is also called as Eldritch Shot (怪光線 Kaikōsen).
  • Adept Swimmer: Eleking is able to survive underwater even without being in tadpole form and can also swim very fast.
  • Gas Grenades: Eleking can fire gasoline grenades from his hands.
  • Spin Tail Attack (スピンテールアタック Supin Tēru Atakku): Eleking spins its body and slams the opponent with its tail.
  • Thunder Connection (サンダーコネクション Sandā Konekushon): A tag-team attack with Neronga. Eleking wrapped Neronga's body with its tail to supercharge the latter with volts of electricity, before Neronga used both Eleking and its own power to deliver a huge lightning bolt attack towards the target.
Ultra Galaxy
  • Devolution: Eleking is capable of devolving itself into Lim Eleking.
Ultraman Ginga S
  • Electricity Eel: Eleking can transform itself into a giant eel, which it assumed to rob the electricity in the Shizukugaoka city.

Revived Eleking/Remodeled Eleking/Eleking II
Re-Eleking Full
  • Height: 53 m
  • Weight: 15,000 t
  • Origin: Kiso mountains
Powers and Weapons
  • Moonlight Artillery (月光火砲 Gekkō Kahō): Re-Eleking can emit and then release a stream of flames from both his “mouth” and from the tip of his tail. The flame is enhanced with its original electric powers, strengthening its effect to 10,000 degrees.
  • Long Tail: Re-Eleking has an extremely and relatively long tail that he can use to coil/constrict around foes and whip them.

Eleking III
Eleking Heisei ver

This Eleking appeared in the Heisei Ultraseven special Solar Energy Operation. Unlike the original which was a bio-weapon, this one's purpose was to remodel Earth's atmosphere by increasing global warming.

  • Height: 20cm ~ 53m
  • Weight: 500 g ~ 1 5,000 t
  • Tail length : 157 m
  • Origin: Planet Pitt
Powers and Weapons
  • Electric Tail (エレクトリックテール Erekutorikku Tēru): Eleking III’s tail is very long and flexible that he is capable of extending it long enough to allow it to be used as if a whip for whipping opponents mercilessly or even a tentacle used to constrict his foes, wrapping around and choking opponents. His tail can also deliver paralyzing shocks of electricity.
  • Carbon Dioxide: Eleking III can spew pure carbon dioxide from its hands. This can cause both humans and Ultras to suffocate.

Eleking (Baby)
Download 3

Baby Eleking

  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Origin: Planet Pitt
Powers and Weapons
  • Electrocution: Baby Eleking can electrocute their opponent by strangling their neck with it's tail.
  • Brainwave Absorption: Baby Elekings can absorb human brainwaves for feeding.
  • Mind Control: Though not overly that powerful, a Baby Eleking does possess an ability to control a person’s mind so that they can protect it.
  • Size Adjustment Change: Eleking can change its size from that of a small toy, about a few inches, to that of a giant monster at will, about 183 feet at will.

Eleking (Ultraman Max)
Eleking frm Max

Eleking (Ultraman Max)

The Pitt Aliens unleashed an 'evolved' version of Eleking to Earth during their second attempt to invade the planet. In contrast to its predecessors, its skin is inverted into a sickly cream color, and it constantly needs to absorb electricity to sustain itself.

  • Height: 56 m
  • Weight: 42,000 t
Powers and Weapons
  • Electric Disc Wave: Eleking can fire yellow electric waves of electric energy from his "mouth;" Although these aren't very strong however, these waves can create missile-strength blasts and also surge electricity through an opponent.
  • Electric Shock Surge: Focusing its power, Eleking can sends surge thousands of volts of electricity through any part of its body, including the end of its tail, delivering a nasty shock that can electrocute others.
  • Electricity Absorbtion: Eleking can and is capable of absorbing electricity from nearly any power source around its body through its touch.
  • Whip Tail: Eleking’s tail is extremely long and flexible, allowing it to be used as if a whip or even a tentacle, ideal for choking, whipping, ensnaring, and constricting an opponent.
  • Self-Reproduction: Once enough electrical energy is absorbed, Eleking can pull off a piece of its flesh that will immediately take the form of and create an egg, making way for another Eleking to be born.

EX Eleking
Elekingex ult-742

EX Eleking

EX Eleking is a more powerful form of Eleking that first appeared in Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth. It gains a new set of powers.

  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
Powers and Weapons
  • Lightning Tail Rush (ライトニングテールラッシュ Raitoningu Tēru Rasshu): EX Eleking charges himself up with lighting and rushes through his opponent's body.
  • Lightning Cutter (ライトニングカッター Raitoningu Kattā): Based on the original Eleking's Light Blade.
  • Lightning Tackle (ライトニングタックル Raitoningu Takkuru): EX Eleking charges his body with electricity and rushes towards the opponent.
  • Lightning Attack: EX Eleking uses his body to coil his opponent, jump into the sky and release lighting all around the place.

Lim Eleking
Lim Eleking render
  • Height: 40 cm
  • Weight: 4 kg
  • Origin: Phoenix Nest, Eleking devolution (Rei's Eleking)
Powers and Weapons
  • Electrical Absorption: Lim Eleking is capable of absorbing all forms of electricity, powering its shock ability.
  • Electric Surge Shock: So long as it has absorbed enough electricity, Lim Eleking can surge his body with electricity and the energy will channel through its body and shock anything that touches it, generate massive amounts of electricity, enough to repose an entire spaceship in just seconds.

As with all Maquette Monsters, Eleking can only exist for 1 minute and if it vanishes, another individual would take its place.

The game Monster Busters possess two different variations of Eleking.

Eleking Black
Black Eleking
Powers and Weapons
  • Electric Burst Wave Discs: Eleking Black can fire three electrical discs at a time.

Eleking Poison
Eleking pioson
Powers and Weapons
  • Electric Burst Wave Discs: Eleking Poison can fire three, purple electrical discs at a time.
  • Electric Tail: Eleking Poison can deliver paralyzing shocks of purple electricity.
  • Body Electric: Eleking Poison can release purple electrical sparks from his body.

Hyper Eleking
Hyper Eleking

Hyper Eleking (ハイパーエレキング Haipā Erekingu) is a Pachinko exclusive monster served under Ultraman Belial.

Powers and Weapons
  • Wings:
  • Electric Tail:

Cyber Eleking
Cyber Eleking Render

Cyber Eleking

  • Height: 53 m
  • Weight: 25,000 t
  • Origin: Xio headquarters
  • Cyber Power: 17/25
Powers and Weapons
  • Blaster Cannons: Cyber Eleking wields a pair of blaster cannons, giving it advantage in ranged combats.
  • Electricity Manipulation: Cyber Eleking is capable of manipulate electricity to its liking.
  • Electricity Generation: According to Rui, Cyber Eleking can generate tons of electricity which capable of powering a fun fair/carnival for one night.
  • Eleking Energy Shield (エレキング・エナジーシールド Erekingu Enajī Shīrudo): By loading Cyber Eleking into the Xio Devizer, its user can manipulate Eleking's power to create a containment shield that traps their targets in place. This allows external forces to launch an all-out attack while leaving its victims defenseless.

Eleking Armor

"Cyber Eleking Now Load: Cyber Eleking Armor, Activate!"

―Transformation Announcement

Eleking Armor

Eleking Armor (エレキングアーマー Erekingu Āmā) is an combination utilized by Ultraman X after scanning Eleking's Cyber Card. X's left shoulder pad was given the design of Cyber Eleking's head but its antennae were altered, thus giving the appearance of a canine. With the appearance of Eleking's cannon on X's right arm, the design stimulates the appearance of an eel.

Powers and Weapons
  • Blaster Cannon: Ultraman X gained one of Cyber Eleking's blasters that grants him advantage in long ranged combat.
    • Electric Lasso: Ultraman X can launch an electric rope which capable of capturing his enemies.
  • Eleking Shock Wave (エレキング電撃波 Erekingu Dengeki-ha): Energy attack unleashed by the Blaster Cannon.


Eleking's horns (possibly ears) are the source of his electrical abilities, destroying them will cause him great pain.

Spark Doll

Eleking Spark doll

"MonsLive, Eleking!"

―MonsLive activation call

"UITrans, Eleking Tail!"

―Eleking when UITrans via Victory Lancer

Eleking's Spark Doll was used in Ultraman Ginga S, where the item was revealed as part of Alien Chibu Exceller's collection. He gave it to Android One Zero for her to MonsLive with the Chibu Spark until it was lost to Shou, who used it for his own purposes.


  • Height: 14 cm
  • Weight: 150 g


  • Android One Zero used it to MonsLive into the said kaiju to battle Ultraman Victory and Ultraman Ginga before losing to Victory
  • As Ultraman Victory, Shou used the doll to UITrans with his Victory Lancer to turn his right arm into the tail of Eleking, Eleking Tail (エレキングテイル Erekingu Teiru). He used it against an army of Inpelaizers, Sadola (disappeared a few seconds after transformation), Hyper Zetton, Vict Lugiel, Aribunta, and Guar Spectre
  • Eleking was one of the three Spark Dolls that Hikaru Raido borrowed from Shou to fight Five King while the other UPG members were busy in reviving Ultraman Ginga and Victory. Right after EX Red King's defeat, he was swapped with Eleking where the electric monster electrify Five King but his attacks backfired by Gan Q. Exhausted, he was replaced with King Joe Custom.
  • Yapool took the UITrans data from Victory and used it to modify Victory Killer so that he can use the Eleking Tail. First used to finish off Ultraman Ace.

Other media

Ultra Rider
The following contents of this page or section are considered to be non-canon or not part of the main canon. The events featured may not have actually happened/existed in-universe.

Ultra Fight

Eleking ultra fight

This Monster reappeared in Ultra Fight with an appearence it carried on later to Red Man.

  • In episode 73, Eleking went up against his old rival, Ultraseven, where they sepnt most of their fight just grappling and throwing each other. Near the end, Eleking had Seven on the ropes, but then, he managed to escape and defeat Eleking by lifting him, spinning him around, and then throwing him down so hard, the kaiju passed out.
  • Eleking reappeared in episode 79 where he climbed up a mountain, met with Woo and fought him. While Eleking proved to be a capable fighter, he ultimately lost when Woo grabbed him by the tail while he was down and then threw him down the mountain and rolling down the mountain made him unconscious.
  • In episode 87, Eleking fought Alien Icarus in a valley where fire was burning and the Icarus kept the upper hand while the kaiju tried to keep up with him. In the end, where Icarus beat him to death and then lifted and threw him after a long, exhausting fight.
  • Eleking reappeared in episode 92, where he walked down the hill and found himself being assaulted by Alien Baltan and while he made attempt to retaliate at first, he eventually gave in and fought back against the alien and yet he was proven to be no match for the alien as he kept on brutally assaulting him. Near the end, however, Eleking finally found the strength to keep up the alien and defeated him by hitting him in the head and knocking him down.
  • In episode 93, Eleking went up against Agira and the latter held the upper hand at first by keeping his distance, grappling him when given the chance, and holding his tail until he took him down. Their fight went on through nightfall and Agira was about to finish him off when Eleking finally pulled through and turned the tide in his favor and eventually pinned him down and beat him to death.
  • Eleking reappeared in episode 96, where he came up across Alien Icarus and fought him again. The two of them were evenly matched in combat and thier fight went on for a while. The two of them eventually decided to work together when Ultraseven showed up to stop them. While they outnumbered him, Seven managed to hold his own against his enemies and even tricked them into running into each other and eventually defeated Eleking by tricking Icarus into throwing a rock at his partner on the head, knocking him out in the process.
  • In episode 97, Eleking showed up to help Alien Baltan fight Ultraseven by holding him still from behind, but the Ultra tricked Baltan into hitting Eleking instead, resulting in Eleking and Baltan fighting each other, with Baltan emerging the winner after knocking out the kaiju by bopping him on the head.
  • Eleking reappeared in episode 98, where he woke up from a nap and kicked a rock away, but it ended up waking up a sleeping Telesdon who decided to throw it back at the kaiju, but was caught by Ultraseven who threw it back at him. Eleking was giving the Ultra a hard time in a fight when Telesdon dropped the rock on the kaiju, giving him his full attention. Afterwards, Ultraseven decided to fly away as the two kaiju were fighting each other with Telesdon looking as the clear winner.
  • In episode 99, Eleking confronted Alien Guts in a valley and fought him. While Guts initially held up a good fight, Eleking stepped on the alien's foot, knocked him down and then picked him up threw him down again. When Ultraseven arrived, he gave Guts a helping hand up and then the latter acted cowardly and convinced him to fight Eleking for him which the Ultra did. While Seven was grappling with Eleking, Guts backstabbed him which lead the Ultra to fight him too. After he knocked out Guts, Seven defeated Eleking with a karate chop to the neck and the latter got back up, the former just pushed him back down, leaving the kaiju knocked out.
  • Eleking reappeared in episode 100, where he squared off against Alien Godola in a wrestling match with Ultraseven as the referee. Eleking had the upper hand at first, but then Godola knocked him down then pinned him and punched him repeatedly. Afterwards, the two proceeded to go back to fighting fair and sqaure, yet this time, Godola held the upper hand over him. When Godola tried to choke Eleking to death, Seven tried to interfere, but only resulted in getting hurt. Afterwards, Seven karate chopped Eleking and Godola respectively then tried to push them apart, only for the two of them to knock each other out by hitting each other in the back.
  • In episode 101, Eleking went up to Agira and fought him. While Agira held the upper hand at first, Eleking turned the fight in his favor and eventually defeated him by knocking him down via a judo technqiue and pulled his legs up until he conceeded defeat. He then went up against Ultraseven again, but this time, Seven fought him for a short time as he overcame his challenge and defeated him by chopping him in the back, knocking him out as a result.
  • Eleking reappeared in episode 128, where he fought Seabozu near the shore in an evenly matched fight and Eleking came out on top.
  • In episode 129, Eleking fought Keronia by the coast and spent most of their time grappling each other on even terms. After a while, Keronia gained the upper hand over Eleking as he punched him in the head, then slammed it against a rock wall, and let Eleking roll away.
  • Eleking reappeared in episode 133, where he was shown acting crazy and when he noticed Ultraseven walking, he threw a rock at him, only for the Ultra to throw it right back at him and then they fought each other for a while which ended when Seven came out on top and claimed victory. 
  • In episode 136, Eleking formally met up with Alien Icarus and after they held up their hands, Eleking slugged Icarus in the face, resulting in another fight which mostly involved grappling and throwing each other with a few punches thrown. As they were evenly matched for the duration of the fight, it ended when Icarus charged into Eleking to try to tackle him, but the monser countered and made the alien fall on his back instead, leaving Eleking the winner.
  • Eleking reappeared in episode 138, where he was sleeping until Woo showed up and woke him up by throwing dirt at his face, and in return, Eleking struck him in the legs with his tail. They then proceeded to fight each other in a long, evenly matched fight which went on for a while until Woo emerged victorious by judo throwing Eleking to the ground.
  • In episode 140, Eleking walked on top of a hill and came across Seabozu and decided to fight him once again once he got down, and once again, the two monsters were evenly matched. After the fight went on for quite a while, Seabozu tried to end the fight by holding onto Eleking to try one more attack, only for Eleking to knock Seabozu out with a karate chop to the head.
  • Eleking reappeared in episode 142, where he teamed up with Alien Icarus after they ran into Ultraseven on their walk together. Although the two of them outnumbered the Ultra, Seven held his own with his combat prowess and in the end, he knocked out Eleking with a hard kick to the chest after defeating Icarus.
  • In episode 144, Eleking assaulted Ultraseven as he was going on a walk near a cave and injured his leg before they took their fight to the water. During that time, the kaiju held the advantage against Seven, but when Woo showed up, Eleking turned his attention towards him and beat him to death after a nice long fight. After Seven recovered during that time, he gained the upper hand on the kaiju and defeated him with a chop to the neck, knocking him out in the process.
  • Eleking reappeared in episode 146, where he emerged from a cave near the shore and then joined the brawl against Ultraseven and Seabozu. After knocking out Seabozu, Eleking stood on equal footing with the Ultra in close quarters combat and was eventually defeated when Seven repeatedly slammed his head to the ground, resulting in him being knocked out.
  • In episode 147, Eleking huddled together with Alien Icarus, Woo, and Ultraseven and when they broke up, they began to fight each other. Eleking spent his time fighting Ultraseven and Alien Icarus and he was evenly matched in combat as he fought each of them and kept on fighting as the episode ended.
  • Eleking reappeared in episode 148, where he went up against Ultraseven again at a beach and as Ultraseven held the advantage over the kaiju, he eventually defeated him by knocking him out. In this episode, Eleking also stood by and watched Woo fight Seabozu until the former won and decided to fight Eleking. Seven then decided to interfere in the fight, which resulted in the two kaiju teaming up to take him on until they knocked him away and got back to fighting each other until Seabozu and Ultraseven joined them once again as the episode ended.
  • In episode 149, Eleking fought Ultraseven again alongside Seabozu and Alien Icarus, and even though they outnumbered him yet again, Seven still held his own and held the upper hand against them. Soon afterwards, Eleking picked a fight with Seabozu and then with Icarus when Seven through him at them. Seven then decided to finish the fight and knocked them out one at a time with Eleking via a couple of punches. 
  • Eleking reappeared in episode 173, where he was taking a nap until Ultraseven woke him up by rolling rocks down a small hill near him. In retaliation, Eleking threw the rocks back at him and then the two of them duked it out for a short while and during that time, Eleking held the advantage over Seven in combat as he kept on assaulting him until he claimed victory by pressing him down on the ground with his foot and left satisfied.
  • In episode 177, Eleking fought Woo in a dark cave, with their evenly matched fight spilling blood all over the cave. As their fight went on, they decided to take their fight outside after they traded a lot of punches, grapples, and throws with each other, which eventually ended in a draw from the exhaustion and blood loss.
  • Eleking reappeared in episode 180, where he approaching Icarus while he was walking and the former gave the latter a bouquet of flowers but Icarus threw them to the ground and stepped on them. Enraged, Eleking fought Icarus and although he put up a good fight, he was no match for Icarus, who ended up beating him in the end. Afterwards, Eleking gave Icarus a big fish and the two of them made up.
  • In episode 183, Eleking fought Kiyla near the shore for quite a while with either side showing signs of winning and in the end, for some reason, both of them ended up being dead.
  • Eleking reappeared in episode 184, where he fought Kiyla once again on even terms at a beach. Afterwards, Kiyla convinced Eleking to call a truce with each other, only for the former to backstab the latter by knocking him out with a fierce blow to the head via a hammer.
  • In episode 186, Eleking was shot dead by Alien Icarus' gun before he can make a move.
  • Eleking reappeared in episode 189, where he appeared alongside Alien Icarus where the two of them watched the waves together and then fought each other fiercely after a wave soaked Eleking. After an evenly matched fight, the two of them ran fast afterwards and then Eleking got tripped up Ultraseven, who was buried in the sand at the time, and was unconscious for quite a time, leaving Icarus to fight a losing battle with the Ultra and then Eleking got back up when Seven tossed Icarus, with the latter landing on the kaiju as a result. Seven then held his own against both kaiju and when Seven was about to beat Icarus to death, Eleking held Seven by the arms, preventing the latter from doing anymore damage.
  • In episode 192, Eleking was about to charge at Woo at the beach but before they collided with each other, Ultraseven stopped them, which resulted in the two of them deciding to work together to stop him. And yet again, Seven held the upper hand against the two monsters despite being outnumbered. Eleking was then knocked out by a kick to the neck before Woo.
  • Eleking reappeared in episode 193, where he was lying down and catching some z's on the beach until Kiyla showed up and threw rocks at him, leading him to fight the perpetrator and actually gain the upper hand against him and when Ultraseven showed up, the fight turned into a brawl with no revealed winner.
  • In episode 194, where the monster Kiyla was playing with ax he just found, Eleking showed up with a gun he just found and challenged him to a weapon fight. He agreed to do so and both monsters ended up evenly matched against each other until Alien Icarus showed and interfered with their fight. The two monsters then decided to team up to defeat the alien. Even though Icarus had the upper hand with his brute strength, both monsters didn't give up and eventually, while Icarus downed Eleking, Kiyla killed the alien with his ax. When Eleking got back up, however, he didn't thank him, but instead, he shot Kiyla numerous times, killing him in the process, however, Eleking then committed suicide on himself by shooting himself in the neck with his gun.
  • Eleking made his final appearance on the show in episode 195, his final appearance on the show, where he teamed up with Woo, Alien Baltan, Kiyla, and Alien Icarus, for one last chance to take down Ultraseven with all combatants using wooden staffs as weapons. Despite the fact that the monsters outnumbered him five to one, the Ultra had the upper hand in the fight in terms of combat. Eleking was the first of the monsters to be killed by Seven as he was bashed on the head by his staff.


  • In this series Eleking has Zambolar's roar.



Eleking vs. Redman

 Eleking reappeared in Redman.

In episode 31, his first appearance on the show, Eleking was seen walking and teleporting with Telesdon until coming face to face with Redman. The two of them decided to charge at him from different sides but the hero stopped them in their tracks. After a satisfying fight, after killing Telesdon, Redman killed Eleking by jumping onto him and then literally stabbed him in the back with his Red Knife.

Eleking reappeared in episode 32, where he saved Nokogilin from Redman by throwing his gas grenades at the hero. They then decided to team up to take him down but even with the team advantage, Redman never gave up and held his ground against the two monsters. Eleking was then defeated with a brutal judo throw to the ground and then the hero defeated Nokogilin after that.

Eleking reappeared in episode 33 where he meet up with King Maimai and became friends. Before long, Redman showed up and fought up close after Eleking fired his gas grenades at him. After a seemingly close fight, after throwing both monsters to the ground, the hero killed them both by throwing his Red Arrows at them.

In episode 60, Eleking fought Redman alone at a sandy beach in a surprisingly even match. After a while, Redman threw the monster into a small body of water but he caught the hero's Red Knife when he tried to kill him with it and tried to use it against him, but to no avail. Redman officially defeated Eleking by stabbing another Red Knife on the top of head after a brutal beat down.

Eleking reappeared in episode 68, where he teamed up with Zagoras to take down Redman as he took both of them on single-handedly and even though he had the team disadvantage, he didn't lose hope and managed to get back up on his feet every time he got down. After a long series of grapples, chops, kicks, and throws, Redman killed both monsters by throwing two Red Knifes at them, suffocating from the smoke and sparks from the weapons.

In episode 70, Eleking starts his time by fighting Redman right from the start at a beach. While they started out with a surprisingly even fight, Jirass jumped down from a cliff and gave Eleking a helping hand up. Even though Redman suffered the disadvantage in numbers, the hero still held his own against them, and after, a long fight, killed Eleking by throwing his Red Arrow to his chest after using it to kill Jirass.

Eleking reappeared in episode 74, where he once again teamed up with Telesdon to take on Redman and both sides were on equal terms with each other due to their advantages in numbers and combat prowess respectively. However, they did not have the means to put the alien hero down for good and Redman took that opportunity to kill Eleking, by stabbing him in the area between his body and left arm with his Red Arrow, and Telesdon soon afterwards.

Eleking made his final appearance on the final episode of the show (episode 138) where he decided to fight Redman alone. Unlike the previous times he fought the alien hero, Eleking proved himself to be a much more difficult challenge for him. Nonetheless, the managed to keep each other evened out with their usual move sets of throws, grapples, kicks, punches, and chops. Even though he managed to dodge the thrown Red Knife and endure a Red Kick to the body, Eleking's life officially ended when Redman decapitated him with another Red Knife. Afterwards, Redman's job on Earth was officially through and decided to head on back home.


  • In this miniseries, Eleking reuses the roars of Bemular.
  • Eleking is yellowish in appearance with sagging antennas, resembling the Eleking that appeared in Ultraman Taro greatly.
  • Eleking in this series can throw gas grenades. He is brutally killed by Redman, having his body pierced multiple times by the hero's spear sword.

Takeshi's Castle

Eleking appears in the Japanese variety show, Takeshi Castle. He participates in "Skipping Stones" and "Knock "Knock" But Eleking fails to both of these games.In the English version of it called, "MXC", Eleking is called Alazilla Babaganoush.

Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth, 0 and Ultraman All -Star Chronicles

Eleking ult-742

Eleking in Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth

Eleking reappeared as playable character in Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth and Ultraman Fighting Evolution 0. In Ultraman Fighting Evolution 0, Eleking is playable and his Spirit system can be unlocked. The effect of his spirit is shocking enemy while attacking. Eleking also appeared as a non playable character in the game, Ultraman All-Star Chronicle.

EX Eleking

Elekingex ult-742

EX Eleking

EX Eleking (EXエレキング Ekssu Erekingu) first appeared in Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth. Eleking is seen absorbing electricity from an electric plant until Ultraseven comes and defeats him but then the Baltan Spaceship comes and releases a purple mist where Eleking was defeated. The revived EX Eleking attempts to constrict Seven with his new body but Seven gets out in time and kills EX Eleking. He is not seen again for the rest of the Story Mode. His EX form appearance seems to be based off of an eel.

Ultra Zone


Eleking in Ultra Zone

Eleking Reappeared in The "Tokusatsu Soap Opera" Ultra Zone.

Mega Monster Rush Ultra Frontier

Antlar Hunting

Eleking was a monster that Baltan Battler Barel, Guts Gunner Garm, and Magma Master Magna hunted down on an icy planet. Eleking fired his Electric Discs at them and sent them careening down a mountain on an iceberg. Barel leaped up to the monster, exploded and struck the Plasma shards on his horns and he died afterwards.

Plasma Killersaurus Hunting

Eleking reappeared at the very end along with Red King, Neronga, Dinosaur Tank, Antlar, Velokron, Super-Earth Gomora, Gandar, and King Joe as they face off against the trio and many Waroga, Yapool, Alien Metron, other Alien Guts, other Alien Magma, Kyrieloid, Alien Zarab, Alien Chibu in exosuits, Alien Temperor, Alien Nackle, and Alien Babalou.

Monster Busters

Eleking was one of the many kaiju to appear during the Monster Buster series. Two subspecies of him appear named Eleking Black (エレキングブラック Erekingu Burakku) and Eleking Poison (エレキン毒 Erekingu Doku).

In popular culture

Haitai Nanafa

Nanafa kaijuu

Alien Temperor, Eleking, and King Joe in Haitai Nanafa

A moe anthropomorphism of Eleking appears in episode 20 of anime Haitai Nanafa.



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