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Electric Bird (エレクトリックバード Erekutorikku Bādo) is one of Satan Go-Ne's Kaiju that appeared in Jumborg Ace.

Subtitle: Mysterious Cyborg Bird (神秘的なサイボーグバード Shinpi-Tekina Saibōgu Bādo)


Jumborg Ace

Electric Bird started out as an artifical egg created by Satan Go-Ne beneath a theme park. To buy time for his plan he took control of animatronics of the monsters Antron, Nonbirigon, and Killer Beta to terrorize people at night and use them as hostages. PAT investigated after a security guard claimed he was attacked one night, Satan Go-Ne noticed this and his minions fend off PAT. Naoki quickly found a para-scope Satan Go-Ne was using when three Alien Gross led by him attacked. More followed only to be taken down. The animatronic of Antron, later revealed to be an Alien Gross in disguise, soon started to attack him followed by Satan Go-Ne attacking the hero himself. He stopped his attack just as Electric Bird was ready to hatch. Electric Bird came out of his egg and ready for combat with PAT in their jets who fired a drill missile into the underground facility. Satan Go-Ne ordered Electric Bird to attack. Naoki ran to his car as Electric Bird emerged and attacked the theme park. Electric Bird then proceeded to attack PAT in the air, Naoki noticed this and drove to his plan to summon Jumborg Ace. Just as Jumborg Ace attacked him, Satan Go-Ne got his attention with three child hostages, demanding he stop attacking. Electric Bird mercilessly assaulted Jumborg Ace while PAT tried rescuing the hostages from Satan Go-Ne. This eventually worked and Satan Go-Ne fled, allowing the hero to fight back and eventually end the fight with the Jumborg Saber cutting off the right wing and decapitating Electric Bird with the Heading Killer.


  • Electric Bird reuses Dorako's roar.


  • Height: 42 m
  • Weight: 30,000 t
  • Origin: Earth
Powers and Weapons
  • Sparks: From it's beak, Electric Bird can fire a stream of deadly sparks.
  • Flight: Electric Bird can fly at high speeds.
  • Gas: Also fired from it's beak, Electric Bird can spit a toxic gas that causes explosions.


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