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Separate Guruman.png Because this Kaiju is a character in the show instead of the monster-of-the-week, it has been given its own article. If you're looking for the main page, see Alien Zetton.

In the 2011 manga ULTRAMAN, it is revealed that the Zettonian race has all but been wiped out during their prior attempt to invade the planet by Ultraman. The last known Zettonian is an individual apparently named Edo (エド) who introduces himself as Ai-De. He now works with the SSSP on behalf of the Universal Alliance Council.



NOTE: Due to there being several differences between the manga and anime adaptation, the History section has been split into two tabs.

Edo checking on some files

The self-proclaimed last Alien Zetton, Edo first appears to Shinjiro Hayata after his battle with Bemular, sitting next to Ide as they look at the bed-ridden boy. Later, in a secure room with Ide present, Edo explains his origins, the Alliance, and what his father's work entailed. He then asks the boy to take his father's place as the next 'Ultraman'.

Present Day

In the present day, Edo is head of the SSSP instead of Ide, who seems to act more as Edo's assistant than anything else. Edo most likely gained this position as part of the agreement in which Earth joined the Universal Alliance. Moroboshi is also seen reporting to Edo about his investigation and requesting his approval to begin an extermination operation. It was during said extermination operation that he requested that Shinjiro defeat the alien. Later, when the alien and Shinjiro's fight was determined to be heading downtown into a crowded area, Edo declared to Moroboshi that humans should learn about the existence of aliens on Earth and that it was one of their goals.

Later in the battle, both he and Ide watched Shinjiro's declaration, and he turned to Ide, giving him the signal to call the boy and to end the battle.

Searching for the Organization

Some time after the battle, Edo was presented with Ide's findings from the examination of Adacic's victims, who appeared to be young men, women, and even children. They had been barcoded on the backs of their necks, and the two came to the conclusion that there was a criminal organization behind this.

Edo later held a conversation with Ide and Shin about Shinjiro's mental well-being and about Bemular. Shin noted that the alien was clearly not serious and could have killed him at his leisure, which caused the group to wonder about his motives.

Edo later listened with Ide and Moroboshi as they listened in to Endo and Kurata's attempt to bait the alien serial killer. While Moroboshi called them foolish, Edo commented on the policemen's tactics, given their choice of location. To the surprise of the other two, Edo ordered Moroboshi to go and back up the two officers.

Edo later hired Jack and Red to appear and cause a ruckus in the city, leading to Shinjiro coming to face the alien. The goal of this scheme was to force Shinjiro to choose to be Ultraman, otherwise his father would force a shutdown of the Ultraman project.

Edo speaks with Shinjiro Hayata after he reawakens in the SSSP base after his fight with Bemular, introducing himself as the last of the Alien Zetton, who once tried to invade Earth and kill Ultraman. He is later joined by Mitsuhiro Ide and they explain to Shinjiro that Earth had made peace with aliens by signing a deal with the Star Cluster Alliance, though there were still alien threats on Earth other than Bemular. Being Ultraman Isn't So Bad

Later, Edo and the other SSSP heads got Jack to set up Black King to fight Shinjiro in public, wanting to forcefully develop his powers. The Curse That Is Ultraman The plan was a success, and Shinjiro learned that he could fly. Edo later told Ide that Alien Igaru's communicator was stolen and used by someone else, shocking him. Hidden Thoughts

Edo was surprised to see Seiji Hokuto in the new Ultraman suit, who had just dealt with the monster they had tasked Shinjiro with defeating. Nice To Meet You, Big Brother Edo and Moroboshi watched Ide interviewing Seiji after he was brought in by Shinjiro and Moroboshi, and he came up with a plan to track him down to find his benefactor. Star Cluster Council

As a result of the previous altercation with the SSSP, Edo informs Seiji that his admission to the SSSP has been postponed. He also gives Seiji the location of Ace Killer, whom he knows brought down the plane twelve years prior. After Seiji gets his weaponized arm back, Edo pays Yapool a visit, though Edo's presence scares him. Edo gives Seiji his location as a way of "apologizing" for postponing his admission to the SSSP. However, it was a trap, and Ace Killer and his men were waiting for him instead. Ace Killer

Edo comes back just in time to see Shinjiro release the Limiter under his own power against Ace Killer and is brought to tears when he sees Shinjiro fire the Spacium Beam. The Real Ultraman


  • Height: 2 m
  • Weight: 6 kg
  • Origin: Planet Zetton
Powers and Weapons
  • Mimicry: Unlike others before, Edo is shown using a mimicry device to take on a human form. (Manga only)



  • Even though his name is Edo, he was introduced as Ai-De to fans. It was not until Moroboshi, in the heat of the moment, called him Edo that it was corrected. Official sites have his name as Ed/Edo.
  • It is ironic that Edo would work with the SSSP and Shin Hayata giving their role in his species becoming endangered, but he also serves to show how much the world has changed between the original series and the manga.
  • One peculiarity about the Alien Zetton is his name, which while spelled very differently is near identical in pronunciation to Ide's.
  • Edo wears the same style suit worn by the Alien Zetton infiltrator that sabotaged the SSSP base if he is in fact the same individual it would be rather ironic.
  • In the original series, Alien Zettons were capable of disguising themselves naturally, but in Edo's case, he uses a wristwatch to do the job. Interestingly, Alien Zetton in human disguises are seemingly lost in later series and appearances.
  • In another reference to the original series, Edo's human form resembles Dr. Iwamoto.
  • Edo apparently takes all of his meals and sleeps in a private room of the head office in the Giant of Light Memorial (the original and current SSSP base disguised as a museum). He also appears to sleep for only two minutes for his twenty-four-hour day cycle.
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