ESP Guitars (株式会社イーエスピー) is a Japanese guitar manufacturer that endorses various famous hard rock and metal musicians, such as George Lynch of Dokken, Glenn Tipton of Judas Priest, and both James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett of Metallica among many others. The company is also known for its custom shop and limited lines, which have produced guitars modeled after weapons from Mobile Suit Gundam.

Flying Seven Guitar


In honor of Tsuburaya Production's 50th anniversary, ESP released the Flying Seven Ultraseven Guitar, a modified version of their Arrow body style. The Flying Seven features decorations in the patterns of Ultraseven, including his protectors on the body, the Beam Lamp and a stylized Eye Slugger on the headstock. Inlays shaped like the Ultra Garrison logo are featured on the third, fifth, seventh and ninth frets.

The Flying Seven features a licensed Original Floyd Rose tremolo in chrome with matching GOTOH tuners. A pair of active EMG pickups, an EMG 81 in the neck and an 85 in the bridge position, both decorated to match Ultraseven's body. It is neck-through.

An Ultraseven-styled case was included with the guitar, displaying both the Ultra and his name.

The Flying Seven retailed for approximately $30,000 USD, exclusively on custom order.



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