EGIS Major Confrontation (イージス超会議 Ījisu Chō Kaigi) is the thirteenth episode of Ultraman Taiga.


Kana Sasaki wants to make Ultraman the mascot of EGIS, but each member has their own opinions.


Pirika rapidly punches the punching bag in the HQ that Hiroyuki and Homare saw her, who fights the male members, much to Kana watching. Hiroyuki narrates the company, titled EGIS (Enterprise of Guard and Investigation Services), the self-explanatory pro-organization that he works for, our work is accompanied by danger. Taiga's eyes and his color timer fade in but the camera zooms closer to the timer.

As Hiroyuki, Homare, and Pirika kneel on the floor, Kana gives a book to the rookie member, who reads: "Guard: to watch over in order to protect or control in the case of emergency.", while Pirika tells the president that she says no. Kana tells the members that she talks about the mascots like Tri-Squad, Kana gets the prize to win a game, called a major confrontation. Homare talks about Fuma, the wind's ruler appeared with a fighting style as free as the winds, coming from Volk's bracelet and using Pole-/Seven-/Sharp-Star(s) Light Wave Shuriken, Pirika pushes Homare away that she talks about Titas, the power's wise man using muscular with burstlings biceps and incredible power, coming from the astronaut's mother and using Wrecking/Electro Buster.

And Pirika and Homare stare each other that Kana recommends Taiga, the light's hero with horns and he can power up, coming to Hiroyuki 12 years ago, using Strium/Supreme/Flame/Aqua Blaster, and upgraded into Photon-Earth using Aurum Strium. After the recommendations, the members voting for Tri-Squad that Kana, recommended Taiga, is the winner! but interrupted by Pirika/Titas and Homare/Fuma, while Taiga stops talking too much, he greets as a spokesperson that they continue talking all over again.

The members can't decide the winner that... Hiroyuki left. He stands on top of the HQ, Taro, father of Taiga, became an instructor that he creates Taiga Sparks. Unfortunately, Hiroyuki saw Kirisaki, who talked about Tregear and Kaiju Rings, that he introduces the name to the member before the villain's host snaps his fingers, causing a shockwave before disappears. He returns to the HQ, the members have a job as they get ready to head to the scene.

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For Whom Is That Fist For - Part 1 (その拳は誰がために 前編 Sono Ken wa Dare ga Tame ni Zenpen)

Taiga talks about one of his past adventures, where in he runs into a general of the Gua Army.


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