EGIS photo
Members: Hiroyuki Kudo, Pirika Asahikawa, Homare Souya, Kana Sasaki
Affiliations: Police
Designations: Handling alien-related cases
First appearance: Ultraman Taiga episode 1 "Buddy Go!"
Latest appearance: TBA

The Enterprise of Guard and Investigation Services (警備及び調査を専門とする会社 Keibi Oyobi Chōsa wo Senmon to Suru Kaisha), shortened as E.G.I.S. (イージス Ījisu) is a private security organization which handles alien-related cases on a daily basis.[1][2]


Ultraman Taiga


EGIS was founded by Kana Sasaki after she had left the police's External Affairs Division X. Their most frequent clients include the police themselves, and other aliens who turn to them for help.


Kana Sasaki
Main article: Kana Sasaki

Kana Sasaki (佐々木 カナ Sasaki Kana) is the 38 year-old president of EGIS, who previously worked as a police officer in External Affairs Division X (外事X課 Gaiji Ekkusu-ka) before leaving her job to establish EGIS. She puts up a rather playful facade but shows a serious attitude when handling an alien cases and is observant of her workers.

Main article: Hiroyuki Kudo

Hiroyuki Kudo (工藤ヒロユキ Kudō Hiroyuki) is the human host of Ultraman Taiga, Ultraman Titas, and Ultraman Fuma, who has a kind personality and strong sense of justice.

Homare Souya
Main article: Homare Souya

Homare Souya (宗谷ホマレ Sōya Homare) is a 25-year-old member with a sense of justice and is faithful to any given mission.

He is Hiroyuki's senior and is often angered when Hiroyuki runs off on important missions. As he often takes on dangerous tasks, Homare puts his high physicality to use while partnering with Hiroyuki.

Pirika Asahikawa
Main article: Pirika Asahikawa

Pirika Asahikawa (旭川 ピリカ Asahikawa Pirika) is a 23-year-old operator of the private security organization EGIS. Pirika is in charge of the cyber-security affairs and other related matters, and is mostly seen operating computers at her dedicated desk, providing technical support to her colleagues Hiroyuki and Homare.

When not assuming the role of EGIS' cyber genius, Pirika can be seen having girlish discussions about diet and fashion with Kana.


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