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"Dynazenon, Battle Go!"

Gauma, preparing to fight with Dynazenon

Dynazenon (ダイナゼノン Dainazenon)[1] is the titular giant mecha of SSSS.DYNAZENON. It is summoned by Gauma to fight against giant monsters. It components were later distributed to Yomogi Asanaka, Yume Minami and Koyomi Yamanaka, who co-pilot Dynazenon with Gauma.


  • Dynazenon: Combine Dragon (合体竜人 Gattai Ryūjin lit. Combined Dragon-Man)
  • Dynarex: Super Dragon (合体剛竜 Gattai Gōryū lit. Combined Strong Dragon)



At some point in the past, Dynazenon was entrusted to Gauma by "someone", a woman.

When the Kaiju Shalbandes attacked, Gauma attempted to "control" it by using his monster user powers, which he quickly found out he had lost. As a last resort, he took out a shining ornament from his satchel and raised it up summoning Dynazenon in a bright light. The mecha took in Gauma, as well as the nearby Yomogi Asanaka, Yume Minami and Koyomi Yamanaka to materialize. Despite it being his first time, Gauma managed to efficiently control Dynazenon and fought against Shalbandes. When thrown into a pinch, the mecha changed into its alternate from - Dynarex - and continued the fight, finishing off the Kaiju using its Rex Roar. What is a Kaiju User? In the aftermath, Dynazenon's components were divided among its pilots; Yomogi received Dynasoldier, Yume received Dynawing, Koyomi received Dynastriker and Gauma kept Dynadiver. Yume and Koyomi began their pilot training while Yomogi skipped out to go to work, until the Kaiju Greyjhom appeared and they had to fight together once more. What's Your Reason For Fighting? During the fight against Burnaddon, the team could not combine into Dynazenon due to not being able to trust Gauma after hearing that he had betrayed the Kaiju Eugenecists. However, after hearing the reason Gauma fights, the pilots were able to unite their hearts and combine. Even then, it was a difficult battle until the team realized that Burnaddon needed air to create its explosions. Taking the battle to outer space, they destroyed its body with the Dynazenon Full Burst, and when its head attempted a last-ditch attack, they changed into Dynarex and destroyed it with the Rex Fang.





Dynazenon (ダイナゼノン Dainazenon)[1] is a humanoid robot composed of four smaller mechas: Dynasoldier, Dynawing, Dynastriker and Dynadiver.

Powers and Weapons
  • Dyna Saber (ダイナセイバー Daina Seibā): Green energy blades that emerge from Dynazenon's hands. These can somehow cut explosions in half.
  • Dynazenon Full Burst (ダイナゼノンフルバースト Dainazenon Furu Bāsuto): Dynazenon fires all of its weapons at once.
  • Shoulder Cannons: A cannon mounted on each shoulder. Fires yellow energy beams.
  • Finger Guns: Dynazenon's fingertips can shoot bullets.


Dynarex (ダイナレックス Dainarekkusu)[2] is Dynazenon's alternate combination, which resembles a dragon. It is said by Gauma that this formation unleashes Dynazenon's true power.

Powers and Weapons
  • Blazing Inferno Rex Roar (必勝大火炎レックスロアー Hisshō Daikaen Rekkusu Roā lit. Victorious Great Flame Rex Roar): A powerful flamethrower weapon, fired from Dynarex's mouth.
  • Rex Fang (レックスファング Rekkusu Fangu): Dynarex's bites down with incredible strength.

Dynasoldier Wing Combine

Dynasoldier Wing Combine (ダイナソルジャーウイングコンバイン Dainasorujā Uingu Konbain)[3] is a combination of Dynasoldier and Dynawing, granting Dynasoldier greater flight and aerial combat capabilities.

Dynasoldier Diver Combine

Dynasoldier Diver Combine (ダイナソルジャーダイバーコンバイン Dainasorujā Daibā Konbain)[3] is a combination of Dynasoldier and Dynadiver, allowing Dynasoldier to be transported across water.


"Access Mode...Dynasoldier."

―Yomogi summoning Dynasoldier

Dynasoldier (ダイナソルジャー Dainasorujā)[4] is a humanoid dragon-like core robot piloted by Yomogi Asanaka. It forms the body and head of Dynazenon and Dynarex.


"Access Mode...Dynawing!"

―Yume summoning Dynawing

Dynawing (ダイナウイング Dainauingu)[5] is a fighter jet piloted by Yume Minami. It forms the chest of Dynazenon and wings of Dynarex.

Powers and Weapons
  • Guns: Rapid-fire guns placed on the wings.


Dynastriker (ダイナストライカー Dainasutoraikā)[6] is a race car piloted by Koyomi. It forms the arms of Dynazenon and tail of Dynarex.

Powers and Weapons
  • Guns: Rapid-fire guns on the front of the vehicle.
  • Light Road: Dynastriker can generate an road made of light to drive wherever it whishes.


Dynadiver (ダイナダイバー Dainadaibā)[7] is a submarine piloted by Gauma. It forms the legs of Dynazenon and Dynarex.

Powers and Weapons
  • Dyna Launcher (ダイナランチャー Daina Ranchā): Missile launchers placed on the top of the Dynadiver.
    • Burst Missile (バーストミサイル Bāsuto Misairu): Homing explosive rockets.


  • Dynazenon cannot materialize without four pilots, though Gauma is able to pilot the whole robot by himself somehow after it has materialized.
  • If the pilots are not able to unite their hearts, Dynazenon is unable to combine its individual components.







  • Dynazenon's concept originates from Dyna Dragon from Denkou Choujin Gridman. Ironically, Dyna Dragon's formation is based on a Tyrannosaurus while Dynarex is based on a dragon.
  • Dynazenon's pilots control it using joystick controllers, much like how Ippei Baba and Yuka Inoue did with the Assist Weapons in Denkou Choujin Gridman.
  • The item that Gauma uses to summon Dynazenon seems to be a Chinese dragon-styled ornament, which was the basis for the Dragonic Cannon component of Dyna Dragon.
  • The "Battle Go" chant comes directly from Yuka Inoue saying the same thing when she helps Gridman fight using Dyna Dragon.
  • Dynazenon's mid-air somersault in episode 3 is based on Ultraman Taro's Swallow Kick.[8]


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