Dagger (ドラッガー Doraggā) is one of the many kaijin warriors that appeared in the series, Triple Fighter.

Subtitle: TBA


Height: 2m

Weight: 95kg

Origin: Earth


Triple Fighter:

Drugger was summoned by Demon and the latter told the former about his plan and that he already began to put his plan into action about going after a very important person vital to their plan and then put the Devila into action by ambushing the scientist with their Demon Cars and Drugger himself eventually showed up at the docks and ran so fast, he became invisible.

He then came face to face with two of the Fighters and told him something important before he teleported back to Demon's lair as he told him that everything was going according to plan and after their conversation, Drugger left with the Devila and then entered the scientist's room as he was working on a chemical that seemed important to his plans and the former forced the latter to continue working on it.

Afterwards, the kaijin left with the Devila as they took what they need for the plan but not before giving him a warning, at which point, drove the scientist insane. As Drugger reported back to Demon and told him of his success, Demon told him about the next stage of the plan and Drugger accepted it well. The kaijin later reappeared outside the laboratory where the Devila were fighting one of the Fighters and told that Fighter about what he planned on doing next.

With that said and done, Drugger opened up the gas canister on his back and released a very dangerous gas that suffocated the Fighter, but the scientist counterattacked with his own gas, angering the kaijin but forcing him to retreat.

Drugger was later seen watching the Devila deal with the recently transformed Red Fighter and then launched his gas attack on him and then on Orange Fighter when she arrived to help out her comrade and were about to be suffocated to death when Tetsuo showed up with the antidote gas and then transformed into Green Fighter to distract the kaijin with a dropkick and merged with the two other fighters to form Triple Fighter. Afterwards, the hero wasted no time in defeating Drugger with his signature Triple Kick. As the kaijin rolled in agony, he yelled out Demon's name in anguish before he exploded, ending his threat to Earth once and for all.

Powers and Abilities


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