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Drifting Monster (怪獣漂流 Kaijū Hyōryū) is the twentieth episode of Ultraman Max.


An areal monster appears from hyperspace. DASH needs to keep it from crashing down on the city.


Sun flares open up a wormhole in the atmosphere, and Elly detects a life form in it. This large monster floats, sleeping, above the countryside. The monster is named Cloudos. The wind begins to propel the monster towards a large city, with skyscrapers.

DASH deploys to tow the monster away so as to avoid collision. They manage to keep it from smashing into buildings, but then a student band wakes the monster up. It begins to fall. Elly deduces that the monster floats when asleep, but cannot stay afloat when awake.

Kaito about to transform into max with max spark.Suddenly,interrupted by Mizuki when she wake up by uncoscious from air sick. Kaito shocked and immediately put Max Spark in his uniform before she revealed Kaito's identity,Ultraman Max.Kaito puts the monster back to sleep by flying the DASH car back and forth in the monster's face and singing to it. Professor Yoshinaga discovers that the slightest sound may wake the kaiju, so DASH has to shut the city up.

Sean comes up with a plan. They will cover Cloudos' ears, and then use lightning in a lightning storm to interact with the plasma inside its body and send it back where it came from. Unfortunately, what DASH thought were the monster's ears were really its nostrils. Cloudos wakes up.

Kaito transforms. Unfortunately, he cannot hold the monster up long, and has to throw it down. Enraged at being so treated, Cloudos engages the being who interrupted his nap. He is resists the Ultra's attacks. Max subdues it, and Mizuki fires the lightning bolt, sending Cloudos back to his home.






Home Media

  • Ultraman Max Volume 6 features episodes 19-22.
  • Ultraman Max Complete Season.
  • The episode was premiered in the United States on TOKU on March 10, 2017


  • This episode is a tribute of Present from the Sky from Ultraman.
    • Cloudos appearance seems to be based off Skydon. Likewise, Skydon was also too heavy for Ultraman to even pick up.
      • Just like Skydon's first episode appearance, Cloudos' is also a comedic episode.
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