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Drengeran (ドレンゲラン Dorengeran) is a Kaiju that appeared in the direct to DVD series, Ultraman Neos. He appeared in the OVA pilot episode.

Subtitle: Space Ore Monster (宇宙鉱石怪獣 Uchū kōseki kaijū)


Ultraman Neos

Drengeran was a monster who was being controlled by Alien Zamu in the alien's efforts to conquer Earth. When Alien Zamu returned to a city to resume his destruction, he was yet again confronted by Ultraman Neos, but this time Drengeran appeared to assist his master by attacking Neos himself. Drengeran was able to handle Neos with ease, and with Alien Zamu helping him their victory would have been sealed. However with the fortunate arrival of Ultraseven 21, the battle became evened out fairly. After Ultraseven 21 destroyed Alien Zamu, both Ultras double-teamed Drengeran and quickly managed to destroy him with Ultraseven 21's Adorium Beam and Ultraman Neos's Magnium Beam.


  • Much like Dodongo, due to Drengeran's massive size, it takes two people to operate his costume.
  • Once Ultraman Neos became a TV show, plans were made to include Drengeran, but due to the difficulty of piloting the suit during the pilot, he was ultimately scrapped for appearing.
  • Drengeran has two different roars. In his original appearance, he possessed a roar exclusive to himself. In a special preview video that showcases Ultraman: Towards the Future, Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero, and the Neos Pilot, Drengeran possessed Ragon's roar.


  • Height: 74 m
  • Weight: 93,000 t
  • Origin: Space
Powers and Weapons
  • Gaseous Flames: Drengeran can exhale a white mist that is also immediately ignited with flames from his mouth. These flames had the temperature of hundred billion ℃.
  • Extendable Neck: Drengeran can extend his neck to great lengths.
    • Rock-Rock Attack: With the extendable neck ability, Drengeran perform a headbutt attack.
  • Meteor Form: Drengeran can curl himself into a small meteor to travel in space.


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