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The Dragon (怪竜 Kai Ryū lit. Monster Dragon) was a Kaiju that appeared in episode 6 of Ultra Q.

Subtitle: Ten Thousand Snake Monster (万蛇怪獣 Manja Kaijū)


Ultra Q

After Otohime embarrassed Taro, the boy rode Gameron while chasing the girl who rode a missile. She turned the missile into the Dragon and had it attack Taro. The dragon killed his turtle, Gameron in a single shot and the boy fell into the sea as the dragon vanished and Otohime rescued him.


  • One of the 12 Manda puppets from the Toho film, Atragon was reused for this monster.
    • Dragon's name and subtitle are a complete inversion of Manda's. While Manda's subtitle is "Monster Dragon" (怪竜 Kai Ryū), Dragon's subtitle contains the kanji reading Manda. The only distinction is that Manda's name is spelled in katakana and comes from combining "mammoth" with da, a Japanese reading for snake, whereas Dragon's subtitle consists of two kanji meaning "ten thousand" and "snake."
  • This monster is sometimes referred to as "Otohime's Dragon".
  • Along with Taro, Otohime, and Gameron, their story is in tribute to the legendary folktale, Urashima Taro.
    • In Japanese folkore, Otohime is the daughter of Ryujin, the god of the sea whom turned out to be a dragon.
  • After its appearance as Dragon, the smaller Manda prop was made into the figure head in the Ultra Q episode, I Saw a Bird.


Kai Dragon.png
  • Length: 20 m
  • Weight: 500 t
  • Origin: The Dragon's Palace
Powers and Weapons
  • Flame Shots: The Dragon can launch non-lethal blasts of fire from his mouth.
  • Flight: Being a dragon, Kai can fly in a moderate speed.



Ultra Q

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