Dracul (ドラクル Dorakuru), Dark Dracul (ダークドラクル Dāku Dorakuru), and Heat Dracul (ヒートドラクル Hīto Dorakuru) are monsters that appeared in the Ultraman Zearth PS1 game.

Subtitle: Twin-Headed Monster (双頭怪獣 Sōtō Kaijū)


  • Height: 82 m
  • Weight: 160,000 t
  • Origin: Planet Gyasori




Powers and Weapons
  • Water: From his mouthes, Dracul can spit powerful streams of water.

Dark Dracul
Powers and Weapons
  • Acid: Instead of water, Dark Dracul can spit highly potent acid.

Heat Dracul
Powers and Weapons
  • Fire: From his mouthes, Heat Dracul can spit a deadly flame.

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