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Dove-Liner (ダヴライナー Davu-Raina) is a large unarmed transport shuttle operated by XIG and GUARD facilities to transit between the Geo Base and the Aerial Base. The passenger cabin is set up like that of a jet airliner.

Subtitles: Transport-Use Large Shuttlecraft (輸送用大型シャトル Yusō-yō Ōgata Shatoru)


Ultraman Gaia

Gamu took a Dove-Liner from the Aerial Base heading for the Geo Base, as he was instructed by Commander Ishimuro to inform his parents about him joining XIG.Another Giant

When Gamu was expelled from XIG, a Dove-Liner ferried him away from the base.Gamu Expelled!

A group of children, KCB crew, and their guide arrived at the Aerial Base for a tour via a Dove-Liner. Aside from Tabata and Taro, the group returned to the Geo Base through a Dove-Liner.I Want to See Gaia!

After Mokian had inflicted heavy damage on the Aerial Base, the Commander issued the order to abandon ship. At least twelve Dove-Liners were seen departing from the ship during this event.XIG Destroyed!?



  • Despite being part of the Container Vehicle Series toy line and is transformable, the Dove-Liner in the show is a non-transformable aircraft.
  • The design of the Dove-Liner is a modified version of the Siren 7500.
  • The passenger seats were reused in a shuttle in Ultraman Cosmos.
  • The Dove-Liner prop miniature was later modified into the GUYS Liaison Airplane in the TV series Ultraman Mebius.