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Double Satan (ダブルサタン Daburu Satan) are robots that first appeared in episode 3 of Iron King.

Subtitle: Alter Ego Robot (分身ロボット Bunshin Robotto)


Iron King

Eager to prove his worth and correct the humiliating defeat of the previous two robots, Shu Saburo sent his dreaded alter ego robot Double Satan out into the world. The robot caused the water to churn in Hayashighama bay, which was spotted by a young boy, Toshio, who told Gentaro and Goro of it. When they investigated, the robot sprung from out of Hayashigahama bay, and began its assault against Gentaro. Hurling boats and boulders like some demonic baseball player, the machine tried to finish what so many of its robot kind had failed. Unfortunately for it, Iron King was not far behind and immediately transformed to begin battle. Waging a vicious war, Iron King was proving to be more powerful than the enemy. Double Satan was not without its tricks, however. The vile robot removed the fingers from its left hand and hurled them at the ground, immediately summoning forth five exact clones of itself! The red hero soon found himself at a six to one disadvantage. It wasn’t until Gentaro destroyed the machine’s controller did it call back its clones and retreat into the air.

In an unexpected move, it was Iron King who showed up for round two when he approached the secret hideout of Saburo. Alarmed, he sent out Double Satan to fight. The ruthless robot wasted little time in making the odds uneven. In the unfolding battle, Gentaro noticed that one of the Double Satan machines had a door outline on its back. Using his Iron Belt, the hero pulled himself up to the door and tossed in a grenade into the machine when Saburo opened it accidentally. Both the master and his puppet was destroyed in a hellish firestorm.


  • Height: 40 m
  • Weight: 52,000 t
  • Origin: Japan
Powers and Weapons
  • Clones: Each finger tip on Double Satan’s left hand can be ripped off and thrown to the ground. Once done, each finger will immediately sprout into an identical clone of the robot. When finished, the clones will return to their normal shape and return to its hand. If the robot's control device is destroyed, the clones will automatically return to its hand.


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