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Double God (ダブルゴッド Daburu Goddo) is a Kaiju that appeared in the Tsuburaya series, Fireman episode 21.

Subtitle: Two Head Monster (二頭怪獣 Ni-tō Kaijū)



Dekon and Bokon were the Earth's latest in a recent of invaders, seeking to claim the planet in a solo conquest. Unlike previous aliens, the duo did not bring a monster to fight Fireman, rather, they were the monster. Despite the seeming advantage over previous invaders, they were actually idiotic and bumbling. As their step to conquering the planet, the Dekon decided it'd make sense to start out small by taking over a town first. They became Double God and rampaged the simple town for a bit. This later turned out to be a mistake as it attracted the attention of SAF who, due to Dekon and Bokon's idiocy and ego statistics, quickly discovered the invaders. The two attempted escaping, leading SAF on a rapid goose chase through the town until they were finally cornered. Seeing no other choice, the two activated their coupling devices and fused into Double God! The two began to tear up the town, requiring Misaki to become Fireman and duel the fusion. The combined form of Dekon and Bokon proved a tough opponent in terms of power, but through trickery, the hero managed to outsmart Double God and eventually destroy him with the Fire Flash, ending the ill-prepared invaders lives.


  • Double God's stomach head is supposedly made from a deflated soccer ball.
  • The head that sits on Double God's stomach has one of the modified roar variations of Daiei's monster, Jiger.


  • Height: 52 m
  • Weight: 43,000 t
  • Origin: Third Planet in the Radio Nebula
  • Weakness: Despite its great power, Double God's two components are rather incompetent and egotistical of their abilities, resulting in them being easily outsmarted. Their tongue is also connected, and the fact that they cannot follow fast movements, which caused Fireman to be able to take down the monster to use his attacks on it.
Powers and Weapons
  • Coupling Device: A strange device that both Dekon and Bokon have, using it they're able to fuse together and form Double God.
  • Flames: Double God can launch deadly streams of fire from both of his mouths.
  • Communication: The upper head and lower head can both communicate with each other.
  • Extra Hands: The lower head has a extra 2 arms that it uses to punch when it disagrees with the upper head.
  • Shock Tongue: Double God shares a tongue between both of his mouths. When licking an opponent, he can surge energy through it to deliver painful shocks.
  • Human Disguises: In order to blend in with human society, Double God can disguise itself as two bumbling human men named Dekon and Bokon.
    • Dekon: Dekon himself had great strength.
    • Bokon: Bokon himself could fly whenever he willed.


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