Dorothy Anderson (ドロシー・アンダーソン Doroshī Andāson) is a TDF scientist from Washington branch from episodes 14 and 15 of Ultraseven.



Dorothy was among the Washington scientists who took part in the examination of Planet Pedan in the 8th Galaxy via an observation rocket. During that time, she examined their space alloy Pedanium and created its antithesis. When the Alien Pedan discovered this, she and her escort Melvin Webb went to Japan by boat, only for the Pedan to attack and kidnap Dorothy.

After King Joe's attack in Rokko was foiled by Ultraseven, the Alien Pedan released Dorothy back to the TDF after their peaceful negotiation with Dan Moroboshi. Unfortunately, Dan realized too late of the deception when Dorothy was returned in a state of amnesia. When Anne returned her memory, Dorothy quickly utilized the help of other scientists to create the Ryton R30 Bomb, which they used to defeat King Joe as Seven eliminated the escaping Pedan and halted their invasion.


Screenshot (164)

Dorothy (left) and Melvin Webb (right), as depicted in Jiro Kuwata's manga adaption of Ultraseven

  • Although the Alien Pedan's appearance at that time was ambiguous (until their reveal in 2012 by director Kazuho Mitsuda), Dorothy's appearance lay a huge impact and became popular to the rest of the fans of Ultraseven. In the Ultra Galaxy medias, two Alien Pedan women were portrayed as tributes to Dorothy: Harlan of the Reionics Hunter and another one whose directly named Dorothy in the manga-exclusive Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Adventure.
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