Dokkun EXTRA
Home world: Nebula M78, Land of Light
First Appearance: Ultraman Story
Latest Appearance: None
Height: 27 m
Weight: 10,000 t
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Affiliation: Natives of M78
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Dokkun (ドックン Dokkun) is a monster that appeared in the film, Ultraman Story. He is one of the few creatures besides Ultras to live in the Land of Light.

Subtitle: Small Monster (小型怪獣 Kogata kaijū)



Ultraman Story

Dokkun was a monster who lived outside of the Land of Light in a canyon. While a young Ultraman Taro was training, Dokkun found the Ultra and laughed at him after the young Ultra failed to do anything threatening towards the monster. As a result, Taro threw Dokkun to the ground in frustration. Dokkun charged Taro until the young Ultra climbed out of Dokkun's reach on the side of the canyon. However, Mother of Ultra arrived on the scene. After Taro and Dokkun apologized to one another for their scuffle, Dokkun left so Taro could train on his own.


  • Next to Rabbidog, Dokkun is the only confirmed monster to reside in the Land of Light.
  • Dokkun was portrayed by Little Man Machan, the actor who portrayed Minilla in the Showa Godzilla films.

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