Doctor Beegle (ビーグル博士 Bīguru Hakase) is one of the many kaijin to appear in the series, Triple Fighter.

Subtitle: Tsunami Kaijin (津波怪人)


Triple Fighter

Doctor Beegle sweared to Demon that he would cause a natural disaster upon Earth in 72 hours. A female mathematician named Maki Mayaama, the "Collaborator of Earthlings", was apparently working for Beegle for their latest plan to artificially create a huge tsunami to destroy Japan. Yuji, who thought Maki was being captured by Beegle's men, was temporarily captured when he ran after Maki, but managed to escape.

Doctor Beegle awaited inside his hideout as he plan was coming into fruition. He then went outside with some Devila to demonstrate his weapon in the ocean, but no matter how hard he tried, he could not get the weapon to work. Thinking that Maki had intentionally given him the wrong calculations for the weapon, so he ordered the Devila to capture Maki to fix the it. When questioned about the calculations, Maki replied that they were correct. An enraged Beegle ordered for her to be executed.

Afterwards, Doctor Beegle decided to fix the weapon himself when the Fighters rescued his captive. Once he was finished, the kaijin doctor decided to give the weapon another test, this time, they found device working fine.

After Doctor Beegle pressed a button on his controls, a huge wave erupted and engulfed buildings. However, before a second powerful tsunami could be created, Tetsuo and Lily arrived and transformed into Green and Orange Fighter to battle Beegle. Beegle had the upper hand, even threatening to kill them with a rocket launcher. Green Fighter telepathically called Yuji for help.

After Yuji transformed into Red Fighter and arrived at the scene, he kicked away the kaijin's rocket gun and merged with the other 2 fighters into Triple Fighter. When Beegle once again tried to use his rocket gun, Triple Fighter used the Triple Double Kick, sending Beegle crashing down a cliff and exploding.


Powers and Weapons
  • Beegle Smart (ビーグルスマート Bīguru Sumato): Beegle's guided rocket launcher.



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