Disqualified Hero (ヒーロー失格 Hīrō Shikkaku) is the seventh episode of Ultraman R/B.


Isami is unable to transform into Ultraman Blu! What on Earth?! Isami is worried bout the fear of killing an innocent civilian if he ever makes a mistake, like in their previous fight. Katsumi, who understands what his brother is going through, decides to go in and fight the kaiju alone. Will Isami be able to overcome his fear and face the kaiju once again?



R/B Crystal Navi

  • Katsumi & Isami: R/B Crystal Navi!
  • Isami: We are going to be studying R/B Crystals now Katsumi!
  • Katsumi: Yeah. Today's this!
  • R/B GyroUltraman X!
  • Isami: Ultraman X is an Ultra Hero who fights with the power of Cyber Cards. The X Crystal summons the power of lightning, and activates the Spark Attacker when it's equipped to the R/B Slugger Blu.
  • Katsumi & Isami: Be sure to watch next time!


Guest Cast

  • Kaoru Komaki (小牧カオル Komaki Kaoru): Yuri Kobayashi (小林由梨 Kobayashi Yuri)

Suit Actors

  • Ultraman Rosso: Hideyoshi Iwata
  • Ultraman Blu: Akira Okabe
  • Grigio Bone: Hiroyuki Arai





  • Ultraman RB EP7 Easter Egg
    In the scene where Isami puts both his hands on the back of his head, if one looks closely to the bookshelf on the left, a book titled "Astra" can be seen. This is seemingly a reference to the Ultra himself.
  • When Makoto transforms into Grigio Bone for the second time, his transformation gesture is roughly similar to Ultraman Leo's transformation pose.
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