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The Dinosauroid (ディノサウロイド Dinosauroido) were two humanoid reptiles created by the Naga in Ultraman Tiga. The male was named Adam (アダム Adamu) and the female Eve (イブ Ibu). They were born from forcibly evolved Troodons, and in turn controlled the cyborg Weaponizers.

Subtitles: Dinosaur Humanity (恐竜人類 Kyoryu Jinrui)


Ultraman Tiga

In the vastness of space there exists a planet inhabited by a race of aliens, the Naga. Arrogant and selfish, this race looked at Earth as their own and created two weapons to deal with the plague of man: the Weaponizers. Burying them both and sending two of their "agents": Dinosaur humanoids Adam and Eve whom they created from the DNA of a dinosaur, down to Earth, who then had the cyborgs uncovered and activated. Years later in the modern era, they defected from their leader after realizing that they were deceived all along and told Daigo/Ultraman Tiga to remove the Neutron Bombs from the Weaponizers. As Tiga did so, the giant also destroyed the Nagas' spaceship. Daigo thanked the duo and asked if they wanted to resume their life as humans, but they declined and departed from Earth.


  • The Dinosauroids may be based off a theory from 1982 about the real life Troodons if they had kept evolving. Coincidentally, the theory also calls these evolved Troodons "Dinosauroids".


  • Height: Same as Humans
  • Weight: Same as Humans
  • Origin: Earth
Powers and Weapons
  • Agility: Due to the species they evolved from, the Dinosauroids were very agile for their size, able to jump several feet into the air and jump of walls.
  • Claws: Only Adam showed this, but Eve most likely had the same dangerous claws, they were able to tear through metal pipes.
  • Ship: They were able to call their ship through unknown means, perhaps mentally.
  • Disguises: The two wore disguises, but unlike many aliens who disguised themselves as humans, their disguises were suits that could be torn of.
  • Weaponizers: Both of them controlled each others' Weaponizers, but were later "relieved" of the control by the Alien Naga.
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