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Dinosaur Tank (恐竜戦車 Kyōryū Sensha) is a Kaiju that appeared in the TV series, Ultraseven. It appeared in episode 28.

Subtitle: Tank Monster (戦車怪獣 Sensha Kaijū)



A biological weapon created by the Alien Kill. After its masters were killed in action against the UG, Dinosaur Tank was unleashed. Emerging from the side of a mountain, it had the experimental explosive the TDF was working on, in its mouth. Dinosaur Tank attacked the Ultra Guard's testing site by using its laser eyes, knocking two members unconscious and burying Dan alive. Fortunately Dan was able to transform into Ultraseven and managed to rescue the two men from being crushed by Dinosaur Tank. Ultraseven had a hard time fighting Dinosaur Tank after the monster pummeled him with its tail and ran over his left arm. Ultraseven continued to fight back, however, and managed to get ahold of the monster by attacking it from its blind spot; its back. During the fray, Dinosaur Tank dropped the bomb from its mouth, giving Ultraseven the perfect opportunity to stop the weapon. As Ultraseven timed out Dinosaur Tank's returning assault, Ultraseven ignited the bomb with his Shuriken Ray and Dinosaur Tank was destroyed in the bomb's explosion.


  • The Dinosaur Tank suit would later be used to create the monster Rigger.
  • Dinosaur Tank was one of the monsters seen in stock footage scene of Seven's past battles in episode 48.
  • Although the dinosaur was sculpted by Ryosaku Takayama, the tank part was a reused miniature of the Type 61 tank borrowed from the Nikkatsu movie company that was used in their Kaiju movie Gappa screened in 1967.
  • The roars of the dinosaur tanks are the roars of the Daiei Pictures monster, Barugon.

Ultraman Orb Chronicle Chapter 2: 'I am the Galaxy's Migrating Bird' Arc

Dinosaur Tank was deployed to fight Ultraman Orb after Gai discovered that the meteor Balsas 6, that was apparently about to collide with Planet Cobol, was nothing but a hologram. Upon Dinosaur Tank's defeat, Gai exposed Murnau and Dr. Jiggle but the former escaped, leaving behind a yellow jewel that turns out to be the Element of Earth, which was installed into the Orb Calibur.


Dinosaur Tank

Dinosaur Tank I.png

  • Length: 60 m
  • Weight: 70,000 t
  • Origin: Planet Kill, Jewel Planet Cobol (Orb Chronicle Chapter 2)
Powers and Weapons
  • Missiles: Dinosaur Tank has cannons on the front of his tank base, medium in strength.
    • 3-Cannon Bombing (3連装砲撃 3 Rensō Hōgeki): Dinosaur Tank rapidly shoots from its cannons.
  • Lasers: Dinosaur Tank can fire thin yellow lasers from his eyes, medium in strength.
  • Tail: Dinosaur Tank's tail is powerful to swat about even Ultraseven and beat him unconscious.
Kaiju Busters
  • Energy Blast: Dinosaur Tank can fire energy blasts.

Dinosaur Tank Mark II

Dinotank mark II.png
A monster that served as a challenge for the Hunter players, Dinosaur Tank Mark II (恐竜戦車マークII Kyōryū Sensha Māku Tsū) is a new variant of Dinosaur Tank.

  • Weakness: Due to being a metal-type kaiju, Dinosaur Tank is vulnerable to thunder-based attacks. Shock bullets can sabotage its treads and since its a Plasma Kaiju as a whole, shattering all of its Plasma Souls are enough to defeat it.
Powers and Weapons
  • Missiles: Dinosaur Tank has cannons on the front of his tank base, medium in strength.
  • Lasers: Dinosaur Tank can fire thin yellow lasers from his eyes, medium in strength.
  • Magma Beam: Dinosaur Tank Mark II can fire a beam of magma from its mouth.

Dinosaur Tank Green Camouflage

Pre12 sub01.jpg
Dinosaur Tank Green Camouflage (恐竜戦車緑迷彩 Kyōryū Sensha Midori Meisai)

Powers and Weapons
  • Energy Blast: Dinosaur Tank Green Camouflage can fire energy blasts.
  • Lasers: Dinosaur Tank Green Camouflage can fire thin yellow lasers from his eyes.

Dinosaur Tank Snow Camouflage

Ice Camo Dinosaur Tank.jpg
Dinosaur Tank Snow Camouflage (恐竜戦車雪迷彩 Kyōryū Sensha Yuki Meisai)

Powers and Weapons
  • Energy Blast: Dinosaur Tank Snow Camouflage can fire energy blasts.
  • Lasers: Dinosaur Tank Snow Camouflage can fire thin yellow lasers from his eyes.

Cyber Dino-Tank

Ultraman X Cyber Dino-Tank Card.png

Powers and Weapons
  • TBA

Other Media

Kaiju Busters & Kaiju Busters POWERED

Dinosaur Tank was one of the many Kaiju to appear during the Kaiju Buster series. Two subspecies appeared, called Dinosaur Tank Snow Camouflage (恐竜戦車雪迷彩 Kyōryū Sensha Yuki Meisai) and Dinosaur Tank Green Camouflage (恐竜戦車緑迷彩 Kyōryū Sensha Midori Meisai).

Mega Monster Rush Ultra Frontier



In this short film, a new variant of Dinosaur Tank appeared, under the name Dinosaur Tank Mark II (恐竜戦車マークII Kyōryū Sensha Ma-ku II). Three Alien Hunter teams, one team composed of Alien Babarue, Alien Metron, and Alien Zarab, another composed of Alien Hipporit, Alien Temperor, and Kyrieloid and finally the Rush Hunters participate the battle. With the last team standing is the Rush Hunters, Magna began to attack until he was chased by the monster. Baltan Battler・Barel saves him by surrounding Dino-Tank with his dome, giving Garn and Magna an opening to strike the monster's Plasma Soul. However, with one still remaining, an exhausted Barel destroys the crystal, causing Dino-Tank to fall into a pit and explode, making the Rush Hunters a winner.

Plasma Killersaurus Hunting

Dinosaur Tank Mark II appeared at the very end alongside Red King, Neronga, Antlar, Eleking, Verokron, King Joe, Gandar, and Super Earth Gomora and are about to face off against the trio and many Alien Metron, Waroga, Kyrieloid, Alien Zarab, other Alien Guts, Alien Babarue, Alien Chibull in exosuits, Yapool, Alien Temperor, Alien Nackle, and other Alien Magma.


The two Dinosaur Tank toys (left: 2009 ver., right: 2000 ver.)

Dinosaur Tank (shortened as Dino-Tank) was only released twice by Bandai as a vinyl figure but was released by many other companies as well (not mentioned here). Dino Tank was released originally in the 2000 Ultra Monster Series in a dark brown color with gold highlights (as shown in photo). Later on, Bandai reissued this figure in the 2009 Ultramonster Series using a grey vinyl with dark brown and silver highlights. Both, fortunately, have eyes and teeth painted on. Dino Tank is #43 in the 2009 series.

A Spark Doll of Dino Tank was also released by Bandai, in September 2014.



Mega Monster Rush Ultra Frontier



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