Dinosaur Explosion Directive (恐竜爆破指令 Kyōryū Bakuha Shirei) is the tenth episode of Return of Ultraman.


Kids were excited about the giant dinosaur fossil discovered from the construction site, but the fossil was blown up by the site manager in a rush. Strong dissolver blew out from the fossil and melted the field workers. Moreover, the fossil revived as monster Stegon by the shock of the explosion. Knowing how the dinosaur was beloved by the kids, Go and Minami felt hard to attack it.





Home Media

  • Return of Ultraman Vol.3 Episodes 9-12


  • During a slid show presentation, the following occurs.
    • When a Tyrannosaurus is seen fighting a Brontosaurus, one of Jiro's school mates wonders if it's just as strong or stronger than Red King.
    • When a Pteranodon is shown, one of the children call out Rodan, which Jiro respondes he saw "Rodan vs Godzilla".
    • A second Twin Tail egg is shown, to which Jiro turns to Go and asks if that is a Twin Tail egg, which Go responds he's not sure.
  • However, in one sub done by a third party, replaces Red King, Godzilla and Rodan in the subtitles with Tyrannosaurus, while King Ghidorah is refered to as Kingsaurus III, and for some reason, Takkong is refered to as Detton.
  • Coincidently, this episode is number 10, and mentions Godzilla, when back in Ultraman, Jirahs debuted in episode 10.
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