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Dinosaur Aroza Rises From the Dead (生きかえった恐竜アロザ, Ikikaetta Kyoryu Aroza) is the eighteenth episode of Mirrorman. The episode was released theatrically at the 1972 Summer Toho Champion Matsuri alongside a re-release of Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster and episodes of Mock of the Oak Tree, Tensai Bakabon and Akado Suzunosuke.


Kyotaro is beaten by the dinosaur Aroza and loses heart. Meanwhile, SGM determines that the Invaders are targeting one of their key defense centers. However, Kyotaro is too shaken to feel ready to transform, and his pendant is silent when he asks for information.


Aroza attacks a coastal shipping plant. SGM deploys and watches while the military engages and is defeated. Kyotaro attempts to fight the monster, but his attacks are deflected and he is forced to retreat. Afterwards, SGM crewmembers find him unconscious next to his car. They also find a mysterious crystal on location. Dr. Mitarai determines that the Invaders are targeting a research center with a supercomputer and radar and vision equipment used to detect Invader spacecraft and kaiju. Yoshida insists that a mere dinosaur cannot get past the center's defenses.

SGM determines that the monster is a dinosaur the Invaders have powered up and revived. Meanwhile, Kyotaro, shaken by his defeat, attempts to get his father to communicate some secret to beating the dinosaur to him, but there is no response. He goes off to the shore to brood and is attacked by an Invader whom he fights off, dropping his pendant in the process. The pendant is picked up by a boy walking with his old grandfather. The grandfather notices Kyotaro's melancholy and after departing collapses. Kyotaro decides to stay the night and help him.

The crystal is determined by SGM to be a fragment of the dinosaur's eye: Aroza is capable of compressing light into a laser that can penetrate the center's defense.

While Kyotaro stays with him, the fisherman tells him about the former flourishing of his fishing village. Now, however, the sea is too polluted for fish to live in it. He says his only hope is to raise his grandson to be courageous by the time he leaves the village, to be the kind of man who stays strong even in the midst of a storm.

Aroza attacks once again. Again, the military engages. Kyotaro stands and watches as the fighter planes are down, shouting at his pendant for some guidance on how to fight the kaiju, but there is still no response. The old fisherman, however, runs forward with a harpoon, blaming the monster for the sea's pollution. As Kyotaro attempts to stop him, Aroza knocks part of the seaside cliffs down and the fisherman is struck in the head and passes out. At that point, Kyotaro resolves to transform. This time, he manages to defeat the monster, having learned that he must not allow himself to lose his courage.




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