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Didoras (ディドラス Didorasu)[1] is a Kaiju that debuted in SSSS.DYNAZENON. It was brought under the control of the Kaiju Eugenicist Mujina.

Subtitle: Fleeting Change Monster (有為転変怪獣 Uitenpen Kaijū)



Didoras is named after the Diderot effect, a type of consumer behavior coined by French philosopher Denis Diderot.



Didoras appeared in a parking lot, turning the cars there into flat 2D objects. The Kaiju Eugenicists arrived on the scene after getting news about it through the Internet, and Mujina was assigned to control it. The Dynazenon pilots grouped up to fight it, with Chise Asukagawa replacing Yomogi Asanaka as Dynasoldier's pilot. However, they were unable to effectively attack the Kaiju because of their weak separate firepower and hise's inexperience, leaving them unable to combine. Yomogi, despite having a cold, was brought into the battle by Yume Minami in the Dynawing, swapping out with Chise despite his cold. They then combined into Dynazenon and fought Didoras, finishing it off with Dynarex's Rex Roar. After exploding to pieces, one of Didoras' shoulder spikes almost hit Onija. What is this Thumping Heart?


  • Designer: Shinji Nishikawa


  • Height: 39 m
  • Weight: 85,000 t
  • Date of Birth: 5 June, 2020
Powers and Weapons
  • Dimension Shift: Didoras turns objects into 2D renditions of themselves, making them unable to interact with the 3D world around them.
  • Body Saw: Didoras' body has a sawblade going through the center, over the top and underside, which it can use to attack with.



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