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Diaclone VS. Gridman (ダイアクロンVS.グリッドマン Daiakuron Bāsasu Guriddoman) is a four-chapter web novel serving as a crossover for Gridman the Hyper Agent and Takara Tomy's line of Diaclone toys.


The web novel is perhaps taking place before SSSS.GRIDMAN as its revealed that the source of Gridman's Primal Fighter form is said to be an inspiration of his host at that time, Hikari Kaizaki.


Chapter 1: Encounter: His name is Gridman! (遭・遇 その名はグリッドマン! Sō gū: Sono na wa Guriddoman!)

The war between the Diaclone forces and Waruder Army had long ended. Meanwhile, Diaclone officer/scientist Hikari Kaizaki began her research on the BIG-AI artificial intelligence project, on the moon, wanting to become a hero on her own ever since losing her younger brother to the aforementioned war.

Gridman fell from a dimension tear which caused the collapse of the laboratory Hikari was working at. Mistaking him for a Waruder, the Diaclone Team commenced it attack but Gridman disappeared instead of retaliating.

Merging with the injured Kaizaki, Gridman revealed his identity and mission to stop the arrival of a monster that was originally Planet Waruder. As he was naturally an energy being, Gridman fuses with Hikari due to her sense of justice and to continue his mission to protect her planet.

Just as Hikari regained consciousness, the monster which Gridman had spoken of arrived on Earth's Metra Zone.

Chapter 2: Disaster: Its name is Giganter! (災・厄 その名はジャイガンター! Sai yaku: Sono na wa Jaigantā!)

Hikari was forced to go to Earth in order to find the Landmaster, seeking his assistance in their upcoming fight. Taking her Dai Wing transport and against the orders of her CO. Meanwhile, the emerged monster Giganter managed to defeat a squadron of Diaclone mechas while draining the Freezon Energy supplies from one place to another.

Hikari escaped her Dia-Wing after parasitical monsters from Giganter's body began to feed on her vehicle's supply of energy. By the time she landed, Tokyo City was already in ruins. Hikari managed to find a functional Powered Suit which allowed Gridman to manifest a portion of his power into it, transforming it into the Grid Suit due to its supply of Freezon Energy. Using both the suit's power and Gridman's ability, Hikari was able to destroy a swarm of the parasitic monsters that attacked a Diaclone troop. After this Landmaster managed to contact Gridman through a faint radio signal, and Hikari continued her journey to find the source of the radio wave.

Chapter 3: Fighting Together: His name is Landmaster! (共・闘その名はランドマスター! Kyōtō Sono na wa Randomasutā!)

The Grid Suit later ran out of energy after fighting a single monster, forcing Hikari and Gridman to abandon it the middle of their journey.

The pair tracked the source of Landmaster's radio wave to an old facility where he was created a long time prior. Using an old computer, Gridman travelled into the Landmaster's Computer World and conversed with the AI in person. While Gridman recharged his energy, the Landmaster used the data from both the Grid Suit and the Dia-Battles V1 mecha from the Moon base to create the Hyper Agent's Assist Weapon. However, the Thunder Crash Caliber required a certain gem from the Jupiter Moon Europa, and Hikari presented her necklace that was a keepsake from her late younger brother.

The Giganter began to make its way to the Freezon Energy mine at Mt. Fuji. According to Landmaster, if the monster was not taken care of in time, then the entire Earth would be doomed to destruction.

Chapter 4: Combine: His name is Battles Gridman! (合・体その名はバトルスグリッドマン! Gat Tai: Sono na wa Batorusu Guriddoman!)

The fully charged Gridman proposed to fuse with Hikari in order to materialize and fight Giganter while the Assist Weapons were under construction. Hikari's strong feelings and image of her hero, Silver Kration manifested into Gridman's Primal Fighter form.

The Hyper Agent is able to stall Giganter's movements for a while before the Landmaster join in to deliver the Battle Hanger, which fused with Gridman into Battles Gridman. Giganter retaliated by splitting into two separate monsters; the first half leaving for the Freezon mine while the other held Gridman at bay. Diaclone reinforcements arrive and managed to destroy the other half that captured Gridman due to its lack of shielding. But as they raced for the other half, Giganter begins to devour Freezon Energies and grew bigger. The Thunder Crash Caliber was completed in time, allows Gridman to destroy the monster.

At the end of the battle, the Assist Weapons were absorbed into Gridman to restore him to his original form. Hikari was separated from him and he used the Fixer Beam to reverse Giganter's damages before parting ways with Hikari and Landmaster.


Earth and the victims of Giganter's attack returned to their daily lives. Meanwhile on the Moon's research base, Hikari's experience in fusing with Gridman gave her the final component in completing the BIG-AI program, thus allowing the Diaclone pilots to synchronize with their mechas in the same way as Hikari did with Gridman.


  • In addition to being a crossover, the Gridman multimedia was noted to originally conceptualized by Takara Tomy (then known as Takara) and the show being produced by Tsuburaya Productions. By the time Bandai became one of the company's shareholders, Gridman was also no longer under Takara due to their rivalry with Bandai. Additionally Takara Tomy returned to join the production of SSSS.DYNAZENON, hence the crossover novel being made possible.
  • Hikari's involvement in having her Silver Kration concept being the source of Gridman's Primal Fighter is a reference to Ippei Baba's role as Gridman's designer, who originally made the hero concept as a guardian spirit of sorts to his and his friends' homebuilt computer, Junk in Gridman the Hyper Agent.

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